Welch MBA Program

The Welch Master of Business Administration (Welch MBA) program at the John F. Welch College of Business (WCOB) prepares tomorrow’s business leaders for career advancement in an ever-growing complex and dynamic environment. As a new decade approaches in the 21st Century, business leaders need to be better prepared and more resilient in dealing with global business. The financial markets are in transition, the consumer society is set to move east, the delicate balance between humanity and the natural environment is under threat by global warming and the digital world continues to change lifestyles on a daily basis! These are only a few of the challenges business professionals face today in preparing for the challenges they will have to manage tomorrow. The MBA Program in Luxembourg is well placed to engage these professionals in the learning process to meet these challenges through a number of unique settings:

  • The Welch MBA Program is AACSB accredited part of an elite group of business schools around the world. As of September 2009, only 570 member institutions worldwide hold AACSB business accreditation, less than 5% of the world’s business schools (1)
  • Flexibility in built into the program allowing students to complete the degree at their own pace
  • The Faculty come from many different parts of the world, offering a unique perspective on diversity in the classroom
  • Students can study on campus in Fairfield, US
  • Existing network of alumni and students in Luxembourg

The Welch MBA degree program consists of a prescribed pattern of graduate courses.

  • The program is based on a common core of courses that examine all the functions within a business enterprise and the external environment within which it operates.
  • Beyond this core, the student may choose to study in depth in either the Management or Finance discipline
  • The University also offers Graduate Certificate Programs in Corporate Finance, Global Investments, Leadership and in Modern Business Management.

The classes are conducted in the evening and are designed primarily to serve working professionals who want to earn an advanced degree while having a level of flexibility in order to maintain career and family commitments.  The program also can facilitate the full time student who desires to complete the program in a shorter period of time. All of the classes offered are under the direction of faculty members who possess excellent academic credentials and pragmatic business expertise from many different parts of the world. The WCOB professors bring a rich mix of academic and business experience into the classroom and many have earned top academic honors and awards for their publications and research, as well as individual who have held corporate positions at the highest level. Many professors continue to serve as consultants and directors to major global corporations and institutions.

(1). http://www.aacsb.edu/accreditation/accreditedmembers.asp