The Welch MBA

The University is rethinking its approach to graduate business education in the light of the recent enormous changes in the business market place. The Welch Master of Business Administration is one significant outcome of this process filling the gap in management education identified by business leaders and academics: to develop practitioners who are both decisive and accountable. The goal of this program is to develop individuals who can think and act as leaders rather than solely as functional experts. The development of management skills such as the ability to motivate and inspire others, to innovate, to demonstrate global awareness, and to achieve excellence in an ethically responsible way are features of the program.

The program is designed for working professionals who aspire to leadership positions in tomorrow’s global economy. The changing business environment requires an integrated program characterized by multidisciplinary work. Entering students will be assessed to measure management skills, communication skills and content knowledge to help determine their individual curriculum. The integrated core courses will consist of a number of intensive classes to develop cross-functional skills. Finance, marketing, operations and accounting will be taught simultaneously in a “business process” approach.

The Welch MBA, developed for aspiring business leaders with at least two years of substantive business experience, is a dynamic approach to these concerns. We have already heard very positive comments from members of the corporate community who recognize the need for such innovative thinking in graduate business education.

At Sacred Heart, we take pride in offering rich, stimulating learning experiences. An international faculty mix of accomplished scholars and experienced business executives provides personal attention in the classroom where the emphasis is on applied and experiential learning with real-world examples of concepts/skills being taught.

What sets us apart from other MBA programs?

1. Interdisciplinary process-based approach

2. Taught by experienced international faculty and business executives

3. 18-month part time evening program for working professionals

4. Individual professional planning of academic and career goals

5. International student body

6. Two-week study trip to Asia or the U.S.

Welch MBA Brochure

Release Date: 27.11.2015
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