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Antoine Rech

Antoine Rech is the Administrative Director of the Luxembourg branch of Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, USA. He directs and oversees the functions of the Jack Welch College of Business and performs administrative and programmatic functions including technology, human resources, and public relations. Antoine oversees admission activities for all Luxembourg academic departments in close collaboration with program faculty and staff, reviews and evaluates candidates for admission and counsels prospective students. Antoine is responsible for strategic planning, policymaking, and maintaining organizational effectiveness; he oversees the management of office staff and outside consultants. Prior to serving as Administrative Director, Antoine Rech was the Project Manager at Technicolor Luxembourg, part of the THOMSON Group. In this role, he managed clients representing 5 million euros of annual revenue and supervised orders and special projects handling for Microsoft and Disney. From 1999 to 2001, Antoine worked in New York for Bloomingdale’s and a wine import company located in SoHo where he developed and maintained an effective marketing communication strategy. Antoine received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Ecole Française des Attachés de Presse (EFAP) in Lille, France, his Master of Arts degree from the Marymount Manhattan College in New York, USA, his Master’s degree in International Business from ICN in Nancy, France and his MBA from Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Sacred Heart University -26th Graduation Ceremony: A Celebration of Excellence in Business Education

The candidates for degrees have been assembled; the Faculty members are in their places; Members of the Luxembourg Board of Regents, and other officials of the University are present. The 26th Graduation Ceremony of the Sacred Heart University, Jack Welch College of Business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are now officially in session.

41 students from over 20 different countries walked across stage on Friday, December 15, 2017, and embarked upon a new journey as MBA graduates after receiving diplomas and words of advice and motivation from scholars, alumni and classmates.

The evening was a celebration of the achievements of the graduates and an expression of gratitude to their spouses, significant others, and families who helped them through the rigorous MBA and graduate professional certificate programs.

2017 was an eventful year for Sacred Heart University Luxembourg. In addition to celebrating its 25th Anniversary in June, SHU was proud to award Master of Business Administration diplomas and Graduate Professional Certificates to the largest graduating class in the University’s Luxembourg history.

The Ceremony opened with a wonderfully welcoming speech given by John Chalykoff Ph.D., Dean of the Jack Welch College of Business. Dr. Chalykoff kicked the evening off by welcoming loved ones as well as the numerous supporters of the program—private companies and governmental representatives—all of whom help to build relations and networking possibilities for the SHU student and alumni community. The Dean highlighted the rigorous requirements of the MBA program and the dedication of the University faculty and staff to every student’s success.

John Chalykoff, Ph.D., Dean, Jack Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University

Luxembourg remains among the very best of Jack Welch College of Business graduates.
-John Chalykoff Ph.D., Dean of the Jack Welch College of Business, SHU

Ms. Kelsey Hopper singing the National Anthem of the United States of America

Following the ceremonial tradition of the singing for the National Anthem of the United States of America, performed by Ms. Kelsey Hopper, our very own published Academic Director, Professor of Economics and Finance Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Ph.D. made his way to the podium to deliver his speech as Academic Director.

Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Ph.D., Academic Director, Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg

Dr. Steinherr was happy to point out that throughout SHU’s MBA program, the students’ personal objectives were a key focus during the course to teachers and mentors alike. Thanks were made to the faculty as well as recognition of the newest faculty members to join the SHU Luxembourg faculty team since the beginning of the 2016-2017 Academic Year SHU (Ondrej Mates, CA, M.S., Adjunct Professor of Accounting, David Pike, CPA, Adjunct Professor of Accounting, Gunter Fischer, Ph.D., MBL, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Sebastian Eberwein, Guido Von, Scheffer, MBA, Adjunct Professor of Management, Benjamin de Seille, M.S., Adjunct Professor of Management, Benedikt Jonas, M.S., Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Jennifer Trudeau, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics, Richard Pate, Esq., and Raquel Gonzales-Dalmau, MBA, M.S.).

These teachers have helped SHU stay ahead of the race by launching new courses such as Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Sustainability, Innovation Management, International Business Strategy and Management of Resilient Portfolios to name but a few.
-Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Academic Director, SHU Luxembourg

The instructors at SHU Luxembourg come from many different backgrounds including the main University campus in Fairfield, CT, U.S.A, and the European Investment Bank of Luxembourg.

In honor of the achievements celebrated throughout the evening and to inspire confidence in each of the graduates, captivating musical performances were given by Ms. Lucia Colombo, Soprano accompanied by Ms. Kelsey Hopper on piano.

Ms. Lucia Colombo singing “Di tanti palpiti” by Gioachino Rossini, accompanied by Ms. Kelsey Hopper on piano

The commencement address included speeches given by two of Sacred Heart’s own MBA alumnus. Ms. Laura Falletta, HR Initiatives Manager at RBC Investor Services Bank and Valedictorian of the MBA Class of 2007, was the first keynote speaker to address the graduates.

Laura Falletta, MBA, 2017 Commencement Address

Ms. Falletta gave an intriguing speech where she discussed the many obstacles that one faces before during and after achieving and MBA, but that determination is the key to success. Six years ago she returned to the work force after a three-year break and felt that the hostility of a changed environment branded her as obsolete and she began to underestimate her capabilities. But she persevered; remembering what her MBA studies had taught her

How to face and handle complicated issues, how to obtain results in spite of tough time constraints, how to react in a timely and agile manner
-Laura Falletta, MBA Class of 2007

and in those difficult moments she rediscovered her determination and that the qualities she gained during her MBA ten years ago will never be obsolete. Ms. Falletta turned to address the graduating class stating that despite the rapidly evolving environment one should remain inquisitive and eager to learn, to step out of their comfort zone and view all experience wanted or not as welcome ones that will only enrich ones skill set. That one should value negative feedback and seek out constructive critism as this will allow each individual to assess their areas for improvement constructively. Ms. Falletta stated that, “According to the World Economic’s forum, creativity will become one of the top three skills in 2020, together with complex problem solving and critical thinking. Ms. Falletta closed her speech with

Be determined, believe in yourself, be open to accept some risks and learn from your mistakes. You’ll shine brightly.
-Laura Falletta, MBA Class of 2007

Mr. Georges Muller, MBA graduate of the Class of 2004 was the second alumni keynote speaker to address the graduates. Mr. Muller is currently the Director of Artelis, Vice President of the Luxembourg Trade Confederation (Confédération Luxembourgeoise du Commerce), and Vice President of OPAL (Fédération des Opérateurs Alternatifs du Luxembourg). Mr. Muller spoke of perseverance and dedication, how it took him several years after completing his MBA to be promoted and that one should not expect a raise or professional development straight away after completing their studies.

One still has to prove themselves within the working environment and to earn the necessary respect to move onward and upward in their career.
-Georges Muller, MBA Class of 2004

Georges Muller, 2017 Commencement Address

Mr. Muller made it clear that hard work got him where he was and that he had enjoyed his time at SHU and all the benefits that his MBA brought him throughout the years.

If the work is done throughout the program then the understanding needed to manage and oversee a company are acquired.
-Georges Muller, MBA Class of 2004

Ms. Lucia Colombo returned to the stage accompanied by Ms. Kelsey Hopper on the piano to perform “Xiao He Tang Shui”, this beautiful performance reminds the audience of the diverse culture that Luxembourg and SHU nurture and thrive off.

Ms. Lucia Colombo singing, “Xiao He Tang Shui,” accompanied by Ms. Kelsey Hopper on the piano.

Once finished it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas and awards. As part of the audience, one cannot help but catch the contagious feeling of pride, joy, accomplishment and satisfaction that seem to sweep through the room, infecting all in its wake leaving them with a sense of purposeful optimism. Each student makes their way across stage to shake hands with Dr. Chalykoff and receive their diploma and with each name called there is uproar of cheers from the crowd as proud relatives and friends are delighted to be part of the ceremony and share in the accomplishments of their loved ones.

The Dean’s Leadership Award was presented to SHU’s very own Marketing Manager Charlene Schuessler, the Silver Medal of Excellence was awarded to Valentina Maestroni and finally, the Gold Medal of Excellence and honor of Valedictorian was awarded to, Oscar Chow Lipchak, the first MBA with internship student to be named Valedictorian and recipient of the Gold Medal of Excellence since the MBA with internship program was launched in 2012.

Charlene Schuessler, Dean’s Leadership Award
Valentina Maestroni, Silver Medal of Excellence Award
Oscar Lipchak, Gold Medal of Excellence Award

Mr. Lipchak gave a heartfelt Valedictorian speech stating that he had almost lost his confidence in his work ability until he was challenged with the MBA program at Sacred Heart University which renewed his confidence, spirit and determination. Following the lead of the speakers before him, he stated that,

Determination is a key factor in obtaining the MBA.

Oscar Lipchak, Valedictory Address

The 26th Graduation Ceremony of SHU Luxembourg was also an opportunity to honor this year’s CAPSTONE COURSE client organizations for their commitment to SHU and its students with a Thank You Award for making a difference to SHU and the students.

  • Keasy, represented by Benjamin de Seille
  • AirFrame, Inspections represented by Dr. Jose-Luis Sanchez-Lopez
  • Ampacet, represented by Philippe Hugele
  • LuxAI, represented by Dr. Pouyan Ziafati
  • Luxinnovation EcoInnovation Cluster, represented by Charles-Albert Florentin
  • Luxinnovation Wood Cluster, represented by Philippe Genot
  • Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, represented by Regis Moes (Benedicte Keith, MBA student, standing in for Mr. Moes.)

SHU says thank you to you all for your help and support in providing and delivering Excellence in Business Education. Your commitment is an important and unique pillar in our students’ learning experience.

The ceremony concluded with a private cocktail dinner enjoyed by all graduates, SHU Alumni, family members and guests.


Presenting the Graduates of the SHU Jack Welch College of Business, Class of 2017

Master of Business Administration

Jouda Adada
Raju Ratnakar Akulwar
Ana Rita Barros
Abdelhakim Ben Fakir
Fabio Rocha Bezerra
André Luiz Santos De Brito
Pierre Charles Marie de Marneffe
Lucas Fernandez
Stephan Gavin
Renu Gupta
Marwa Ibrahim
Raymond Kalimunda
Justine Konowal
Adam Yomba Kourouma
Ralph Armand Léon Krips
Julien Lazzari
Oscar Chow Lipchak
Valentina Maestroni
Tsun Hei Eric Man
Melanie Molinari
Shruti Muller
Niranjan Mysore Vishwamurthy
Samy Mzabi
Kevin Edward Nolan
Aarti Priya
Gabriel Ristow Cidral
Youssef Saghir
Jérôme Scherpenbergs
Charlene Schuessler
Stéphane Schuh
Fabrizio Seminara
Patrycja Stala
Joshua Stone
Caio Gomes Strutz
Lucca Martins Dela Santina Torres
Saranya Valsarajan
Leonardo Valtierra
Ai Xie

Graduate Professional Certificate

Ahmed Benssouna – Corporate Finance
Serkan Ekici – Modern Business Management
Paola Miccoli – Modern Business Management
Anna Lisa Sigurjonsdottir – Modern Business Management (not in attendance)





Chamber of Commerce, Centre de Formation
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2981 Luxembourg

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SHU 26th Graduation Ceremony: Friday, December 15, 2017, 6:00 pm

26th Graduation Ceremony
Sacred Heart University
Jack Welch College of Business
in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Friday, December 15, 2017, 6:00 pm*

Salle Robert Krieps
28, rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg

*Ceremony will step off promptly at the designated time. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

SHU invites you to celebrate the achievements of the graduates and thank their spouses, significant others, and families who helped them through the rigorous MBA and graduate professional certificate programs.

Please join us at the 26th Graduation Ceremony of the SHU Jack Welch College of Business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

We have been proud to have the graduates as our students and we will be proud to welcome them to the SHU Luxembourg Alumni Association.

All guests are invited to join SHU for a walking dinner and holiday reception immediately following the ceremony.




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Commencement Exercises:
6:00 pm*
Salle Robert Krieps
*Ceremony will step off promptly at 6:00 pm.
Please plan your arrival accordingly.

Walking Dinner & Holiday Reception:
7:30 pm
The Cloister


R.S.V.P by Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
Registration is mandatory.
There is no charge for this event.

Parking is not available at the Neimënster.
It is recommended that the upper city
parking lots be used (Saint-Esprit) or
the parking lot of the “Brasserie” of
Rives de Clausen.

Parking Map

SHU Job Posting

SHU is currently looking for a second
Office Manager in Luxembourg.

Sacred Heart University provides part-time and full-time educational programs such as MBA (Master of Business Administration), MBA with internship or Graduate Certificates to professionals in Luxembourg since 1991. The University is located in the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

The Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University is AACSB accredited and fully recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Sacred Heart University is now looking for a second Office Manager at the Luxembourg campus. The position affords a broad area of responsibilities such as:

Job Description:

  • Manage new student admissions in coordination with the US campus and provide new students with all the necessary administrative information
  • Manage university invoicing activities on a daily basis including tasks such as client invoicing, monthly payroll distribution, vendor payments, etc.
  • Manage course scheduling and coordinate room booking
  • Manage and audit client accounts – track registration and performance data for all client accounts
  • Develop and maintain the university website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Organize the graduation ceremonies, corporates visits, conferences, etc.
  • Assist Adjunct Professors and visiting Professors during their stays in Luxembourg
  • Assist in preparation of quarterly business analysis and projections for past, current and future student admittance rates, enrollment trends and graduation statistics
  • Administrative tasks and additional responsibilities as assigned


  • University degree (Bachelor or Master)
  • 2 years minimum work experience
  • Native English speaker plus another language (preferably French or German)
  • Proficiency in computer skills (MS Office package, including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook)
  • Knowledge in social media marketing, web content management
  • Positive attitude, detail and customer oriented with good multitasking and organizational ability
  • Energetic team player with a proactive and pragmatic attitude toward strategizing and problem solving
  • An individual who is dynamic and capable of taking on responsibility.

Additional Information:

  • Contract: Non-Permanent Position (CDD), Full-time
  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Start: October / November 2017
  • Salary: According to qualifications

Application Instructions:
If you feel you may be a suitable candidate for this position, please send your Curriculum Vitae in English to with the following reference in the subject line of your email: REF OFFICE MANAGER SHU. Your application will be treated with all the confidentiality required.

Download: Office Manager Job Description