Our MBA students are all full-time working professionals attending evening classes. Following the school’s ‘Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow!’ mission, we are aiming at high levels of integration between theory and practice. Therefore, our MBA students do not write dissertations for the completion of their degrees. Instead, as part of the so-called ‘Capstone Course’, they provide consulting services to clients advising them on actual business challenges.




By the time clients meet our consulting teams of 4, students have undergone 12 months of intense training to achieve results through:

- Functional expertise such as research, strategy, marketing, project management, operations & finance.

- Effective team management.

- Creative innovation management tools.

- High levels of diversity in gender, disciplinary backgrounds, nationalities & cultures.


At the end of the project, student-consultants deliver a business plan and a final presentation to clients. In the past, our clients have included NGOs, industrial companies, start-ups and governmental institutions facing challenges such as:

Market Entry | Product/Service Development | Fundraising | Expansion | Economic Development

Most business plans have been implemented following on from our consulting projects further highlighting that the Capstone Course is everything but an academic exercise.



There are no mandatory financial charges for Capstone Consulting Services. Instead, clients have made donations to the Jack Welch School of Business & Technology as a sign of their appreciation for our contribution.



Over the many years that the Capstone Course has been running our Consultants have had the opportunity to collaborate with a broad spectrum of the clients from companies and institutions, below we list just a few of the companies.



Consulting projects run each year from the beginning of September to the beginning of December and are usually Luxembourg based. The milestones for Capstone Consulting Projects are as follows:



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