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Ready for Take-Off!

In less than 24 hours five students from SHU Luxembourg, Jack Welch College of Business, will fly off to the main University campus in Fairfield, CT (U.S.) for the 2016 USA-Luxembourg Connections Summer Enrichment Program. Participating students have the incredible opportunity to visit some of the big U.S. corporate houses in NYC and meet one-on-one with leading professionals from Bloomberg, IBM, JP Morgan, NYSE and Sandler O’Neill (investments & trading). Throughout the two-week excursion, students will also get the chance to interact with the U.S. faculty and study alongside U.S. students—all while earning elective credits in their MBA program for the course BU 687 Contemporary Issues in Global Management.

There is an air of excitement and anticipation among the Lux students as they eagerly pack and prepare for tomorrow’s take-off, so SHU decided to check in with the lucky students and see what some of their expectations are for the trip. Here’s what they had to say:

Maria del Rosario Cleofe Chavez Cortez (Student, Welch MBA with internship)

MariaI am very excited to embark on this new experience because this will be my first time at SHU’s Graduate Center in Stamford, Connecticut. I am also enthusiastic about the course BU 687 Contemporary Issues in Global Management because it will cover interesting topics concerning new trends that impact global businesses such as: social media and networking, cyber security, environmental changes, etcetera.

Thanks to this cross-cultural connection, I will have the opportunity to interact and learn from other students in the U.S. I hope to build a strong relationship with others by sharing my opinions and discussing different topics.

During the course I want to gain more awareness about the latest development in global business and I want to acquire a new vision that will make me responsible with my actions in the future. I am looking to achieve a higher level of professional knowledge and develop new skills; gain a high level of English knowledge and, more generally, become more competitive. I am curious to know about the culture in the United States—to learn about other people’s lifestyle and enjoy visits at important companies, such as New York Stock Exchange, IBM, JP Morgan, Bloomberg, while also enjoying some sight-seeing trips and social events.

Fabián Mejía Pinto (Student, Welch MBA)

FabianI’m very excited to participate in this Connection Enrichment Experience. It is a two-week program including sight-seeing, corporate visits and social events. I’m looking forward to having stimulating discussions on how technology-enabled connections affect us as individuals, organizations and societies, and to meet our classmates of the SHU U.S. campus and to have a great experience.


Iría Martinez (Student, Welch MBA)
Iria 2I am extremely excited to be part of the U.S. program and I look forward to enriching discussions in class between the U.S. and European minds. This will also be an amazing opportunity for me to spend some time in New York; a city I have always been in love with, and come to know what life is like across the “big pond”. SHU Luxembourg has been very helpful in facilitating the application process with clear guidance and support, as well as Professor Mary Trefry, who I really look forward to meeting in person and spending memorable days with.

Danijela Radic and Paulo Fernandes from the Luxembourg MBA Class of 2016 will also be joining the program with Maria, Fabián, and Iría.

SHU wishes them a meaningful learning experience and a safe journey!


BREXIT: Now What?

What’s your outlook for the future of Europe post-Brexit? Catch a glimpse of what participants shared at the SHU Lunchbox Debate

Professional Planning beyond the walls!

What would you say to a night out with no reception on your mobile phone or no GPS to guide you? Well, SHU students of Professional Planning took it up as a challenge and decided to venture into the dark woods for one night.

As a part of bonding exercise, students along with Prof. Esther Celosse organized a trip to Trier Forrest at Stuckradweg, Germany (Approximately 50KM from Luxembourg City). An hour and a half walking tour which began at the sunset was guided by Trier Forrest Ranger, Kerstin Scmitt. The team had an adventurous experience in the dark with no commercial help and having only the guide and team mates to rely on, and their senses to follow the hiking path through the trails.

Sacred Heart University believes in education beyond the four walls of the classroom; and offering opportunities to learn and understand each other in the most interactive means possible.


SHU Charity Basketball Game

MBA students of SHU Lux join forces with Special Olympics and organize the First Annual Charity Basketball Game in new course: “Team Management – The Smart Team Manager”.

A team of SHU students and alumni will face off against the top Special Olympics Luxembourg athletes for the first ever Charity Basketball Game organized by SHU students. The match will be held at the Rehazenter in Kirchberg on April 24, 2016. Tip-off is at 2PM and the game is expected to run until 4PM. A don’t-miss Halftime Show includes a special LIVE performance from Thierry Mersch who will be singing the anthem of Special Olympics Luxembourg.

Entrance fee: €5

All proceeds and donations will help finance the Special Olympics Luxembourg team in their participation at the 2016 international basketball tournament!

Tickets Available


The MBA students of “Team Management – The Smart Team Manager” Bénédicte Keith, Charlene Schuessler, Raymond Kalimunda, Marc Ben Fatma, Raquel Franco

SHU Faculty Highlight: Hedda Pahlson-Moller in LEO

SHU’s Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Adjunct Professor of Management, discusses “Business Angels and the Value of Patience”


in the maiden edition of the Luxembourg for Finance new and improved LEO: The Financial Center’s Mag.

Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Business Angel, focused on Social Investing and board member of the European and Luxembourg Business Angel networks, says it is important for Luxembourg’s government to create a supportive tax environment for Business Angels that help businesses to thrive.

Read Full Article


The brand new magazine LEO, The Financial Center’s Mag is out!

2016 US Summer Trip Update

Let SHU know NOW if you’re interested in joining the 2016 US Connections Experience!

This is not a commitment from your side. Help SHU plan our trip to meet the expectations of your US Connections Experience!

16.3.17 US Trip Reminder Feature Image


Information Updates

  • July 17 – July 30, 2016
  • Flights:
    -Interested participants (students/alumni) book and manage air travel arrangements individually. SHU will not make any air travel arrangements.
  • Hotel Accommodation:
    -SHU has arranged a discounted rate with the Sheraton Hotel
    -Participants will book their hotel reservations individually via a link provided by SHU.
    -The deadline for making those reservations will be in June, but the longer you wait, the greater chance you might not get a room at the SHU discounted rate – or at all, if the hotel is fully booked during those two weeks. SHU will be keeping in touch with the hotel to see how occupancy is coming along.
  • Insurance:
    -No extra insurance needed for the trip!
    -In the past Lux students have relied on their own personal insurance.
  • BU 687 Course Syllabus available in June
  • Register NOW by contacting Alexandra Lewis (
More Information