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6:30 PM

Conference followed by a Networking Cocktail




6:00 PM
Conference Check-in

6:30 PM
Opening Remarks

6:35 PM
University Greetings & Introduction of Panelists

Alfred Steinherr
Academic Director at Jack Welch College of Business, SHU Luxembourg

6:40 PM
Introduction of Topics

Eros Sharma
Adjunct Instructor at Jack Welch College of Business, SHU Luxembourg

6:45 PM
Panel Discussion

Bert Boerman

CEO at

David Clutterbuck

Practice Lead at David Clutterbuck Partnership

Viviane Reding

Member of the Luxembourg Parliament

Rolf Strauch

Chief Economist & Management Board Member
at the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) & the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)

7:45 PM
Question & Answer

8:00 PM
Networking Cocktail

Eventbrite - Leadership with Integrity


Bert Boerman

“Leaders in the financial sector hold the keys to the entire economic system, and failures can bring this system to a halt as we have seen in the past. Leadership with integrity is however about more than avoiding fraud and excessive risk taking. It's about empowering people to transparently take decisions on a daily basis that create value while protecting the organization, it's stakeholders and the financial system, even if those decisions may conflict with personal interests.”

David Clutterbuck

"Is there is a clash of principles between leaders of integrity and courage? Or is it a chaotic demonstration of the worst aspects of political maneuvering?" David Clutterbuck will draw on his own and other research into the nature of effective modern leadership and into the role of coaching and mentoring in politics to ask salient questions for the development of the next generation of leaders in all aspects of society.

Viviane Reding

"In professional life and political engagement, principles are the same. In order to build confidence (indispensable for a long-term engagement with clients, voters and collaborators), transparent and coherent action, based on integrity and predictability, is a must."

Rolf Strauch

“The key quality of leadership is integrity – the consistency between values, beliefs and deeds. Leading with integrity in a European institution means valuing diversity and respect, believing that united we stand taller, and doing your best for the well-being of the European people.”

Bert Boerman is the CEO and Co-Founder of, the platform that helps companies unlock data from organizational silos to improve decisions. In his previous roles in banking, Bert dealt with regulatory oversight for more than 15 years. Frustrated with the lack of innovation and leadership in the industry, Bert teamed up with his twin brother, Rob, in 2011 and built Governance with a team of business and IT experts. In 2016 was awarded as the FinTech Startup of the year in Luxembourg and joined the European FinTech50 list two years later.
David Clutterbuck is one of Europe’s most respected writers and thinkers on leadership, coaching and mentoring. He is Co-Founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and one of the early pioneers of developmental coaching and mentoring. He has written more than 65 books, including the first evidence based titles on coaching culture and team coaching. He leads a global network of consultants, specialized in supporting organizations in developing leadership and coaching skills. David’s been responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of highly successful mentoring and coaching programs in numerous organizations around the world, including Standard Chartered Bank and Goldman Sachs. He is visiting professor at three business schools, and is active in a charity he co-founded to develop new ways of using mentoring-style approaches to support young people with learning or social disabilities.

Viviane Reding is one of the most prominent personalities of Europe. Having served as an elected member of Luxembourg and European Parliaments for more than two decades, and as an appointed Member of the European Commission (EC) for three mandates, Vivian’s experience and expertise in geopolitics, digital developments, FinTech, data protection, foreign trade, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and leadership has made her an influential actor in European affairs. In 1999, Viviane became EC for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, in 2004, she was appointed EC for Information Society and Media, and in 2010, she became first Vice-President and EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship. She holds a Ph.D. from Sorbonne University (Paris), honorary degrees from world-renowned universities, and several national, European distinctions and cultural awards.

Rolf Strauch is Chief Economist and Management Board Member in charge of Economics, Policy Strategy, and Banking of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), which he joined in July 2010. He is responsible for economic and financial analysis and policies, strategic orientation, and the country monitoring work that the ESM and EFSF undertake. He represents the ESM and EFSF in European fora, negotiates with Member States, and handles relations with credit rating agencies. Prior to this, Mr. Strauch worked at the European Central Bank from 2000–2010 in the Directorate General Economics on fiscal, monetary, and structural policies. He also served previously as an economist at the Deutsche Bundesbank and as a researcher at both the University of Mannheim and the University of Bonn. Mr. Strauch holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Bonn. He is a fellow at the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) in Bonn. He is the author of numerous articles and economic publications.

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