Financial Aid & Scholarships

Rules & Guidelines

  • The scholarship request letter should be submitted along with the filled application.
  • All scholarships reduce the cost of the MBA education but do not cover the entire tuition.
  • Candidates may only apply for one scholarship and so, they should wisely choose which scholarship is best for them.

How to Apply

  • Students are required to submit a scholarship request letter (300-500 words) along with the filled application.
  • The letter stating the merits/need for scholarship should be addressed to the admission office and should be mailed to

Scholarship Categories


Additional resources are available in form of loans. There are two types of loans

  • Provided by banks in Luxembourg, up to 10 years, at very low interest rates. SHU has to assume the risks and guarantee repayment. Only candidates already domiciled in Luxembourg can apply for such loans.
  • Provided by SHU, free of late reimbursement fee up to two years after graduation. Repayment must be completed within 6 years at most with late reimbursement fee charged after 4 years. To obtain such a loan the candidate's present and future financial situation will be assessed.

Government Aid

If you are a resident of or working in Luxembourg, you may be eligible for assistance through state financial support, CEDIES (combination of grant and loan based on financial income). Likewise, being an American University, students from the U.S. may utilize the FAFSA program.