2016 US Summer Trip Update

Let SHU know NOW if you’re interested in joining the 2016 US Connections Experience!

This is not a commitment from your side. Help SHU plan our trip to meet the expectations of your US Connections Experience!

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Information Updates

  • July 17 – July 30, 2016
  • Flights:
    -Interested participants (students/alumni) book and manage air travel arrangements individually. SHU will not make any air travel arrangements.
  • Hotel Accommodation:
    -SHU has arranged a discounted rate with the Sheraton Hotel
    -Participants will book their hotel reservations individually via a link provided by SHU.
    -The deadline for making those reservations will be in June, but the longer you wait, the greater chance you might not get a room at the SHU discounted rate – or at all, if the hotel is fully booked during those two weeks. SHU will be keeping in touch with the hotel to see how occupancy is coming along.
  • Insurance:
    -No extra insurance needed for the trip!
    -In the past Lux students have relied on their own personal insurance.
  • BU 687 Course Syllabus available in June
  • Register NOW by contacting Alexandra Lewis (alewis@shu.lu)
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