Sacred Heart University – 27th Graduation Ceremony

The candidates for degrees have been assembled; the Faculty members are in their places; Members of the Luxembourg Board of Regents, and other officials of the University are present. The 27th Graduation Ceremony of the Sacred Heart University in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are now officially in session.

31 students from over 15 different countries walked across stage on Friday, December 14, 2018, and embarked upon a new journey as MBA graduates after receiving diplomas and words of advice and motivation from scholars, alumni and classmates.

The evening was a celebration of the achievements of the graduates and an expression of gratitude to their spouses, significant others, and families who helped them through the rigorous MBA and graduate professional certificate programs.

2018 was an eventful year for Sacred Heart University Luxembourg. In addition to awarding Master of Business Administration diplomas and Graduate Business Certificates to newly welcomed members of our ever growing Alumni Community; Sacred Heart University launched new Graduate Business Certificates in Private Equity and Digital Management as testament to our ever evolving curriculum, tailored to local Luxembourg Business community

The Ceremony opened with a wonderfully welcoming speech given by John Chalykoff Ph.D., Dean of the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology. Dr. Chalykoff kicked the evening off by welcoming loved ones as well as the numerous supporters of the program—private companies and governmental representatives—all of whom help to build relations and networking possibilities for the SHU student and alumni community. The Dean highlighted the rigorous requirements of the MBA program and the dedication of the University faculty and staff to every student’s success.

John Chalykoff, Ph.D., Dean, Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, Sacred Heart University

Luxembourg remains among the very best of Jack Welch College of Business & Technology graduates.
-John Chalykoff Ph.D., Dean of the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, SHU

Professors David John Pike accompanied on piano by Christoph Jung singing the National Anthem of the United States of America

National Anthem of Luxembourg, sung by Ms. Christine Leick

Following the ceremonial tradition of the singing for the National Anthem of the United States of America, performed by one of our Professors David John Pike accompanied on piano by Christoph Jung this was then followed by National Anthem of Luxembourg, sung by Christine Leick, our very own published Academic Director, Professor of Economics and Finance Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Ph.D. made his way to the podium to deliver his speech as Academic Director.

Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Ph.D., Academic Director, Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg

Dr. Steinherr was happy to point out that throughout SHU’s MBA program, the students’ personal objectives were a key focus during the course to teachers and mentors alike. Thanks were made to the faculty as well as recognition of the newest faculty members to join the SHU Luxembourg faculty team since the beginning of the 2017-2018 Academic Year SHU Zoltan Horvath , Adjunct Professor of Finance, Eros Sharma , Adjunct Professor of Management, Claude Faber, Adjunct Professor of Management, Radu State, Adjunct Professor of Managment, Raphael Frank , Adjunct Professor of Management, Pedro Faria , Adjunct Professor of Management, Gaston Trauffler, Adjunct Professor of Management and Jens Hoellermann , Adjunct Professor of Finance,

These teachers have helped SHU stay ahead of the race by launching new courses such as Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Sustainability, Innovation Management, International Business Strategy and Management of Resilient Portfolios to name but a few.
-Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Academic Director, SHU Luxembourg

The instructors at SHU Luxembourg come from many different backgrounds including the main University campus in Fairfield, CT, U.S.A, and the European Investment Bank of Luxembourg.

In honor of the achievements celebrated throughout the evening and to inspire confidence in each of the graduates, captivating musical performances were given by David John Pike accompanied by Mr. Christoph Jung on piano.

Mr. David John Pike singing “Votre Toast” from the opera Carmen, accompanied by Mr. Christoph Jung on piano

This year to embrace the concept of change and our international and multi-cultural community Graduates, Students, Faculty, Alumni and Staff we opted for a Faculty Medley in place of the traditional commencement speech. We welcomed to the stage four of our Adjunct Professors to share a few final words of wisdom and guidance with our Graduates.

The faculty medley was started by Professor Marcus Müller speaking in German, followed by Esther Celosse; who unfortunately couldn’t attend the ceremony but kindly prepared a video in her Dutch. Esther was then followed by Nicolas Neysen delivering his message in French and the final message was delivered by Hedda Pahlson-Moller

Once finished it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas and awards. As part of the audience, one cannot help but catch the contagious feeling of pride, joy, accomplishment and satisfaction that seem to sweep through the room, infecting all in its wake leaving them with a sense of purposeful optimism. Each student makes their way across stage to shake hands with Dr. Chalykoff and receive their diploma and with each name called there is uproar of cheers from the crowd as proud relatives and friends are delighted to be part of the ceremony and share in the accomplishments of their loved ones.

The Dean’s Leadership Award was presented to to students Annika Grosser and So Yeh Kim., the Silver Medal of Excellence was awarded to Sime Jurlina and finally, the Gold Medal of Excellence and honor of Valedictorian was awarded to, Ricardo Carmo.

Annika Grosser, Dean’s Leadership Award

So Yeh Kim, Dean’s Leadership Award
Šime Jurlina, Silver Medal of Excellence Award
Ricardo Carmo, Gold Medal of Excellence Award

Mr. Carmo gave a heartfelt Valedictorian speech talking about challenges you may face with the MBA program at Sacred Heart University which renewed his confidence, spirit and determination. Following the lead of the speakers before him, he stated that,

Determination is a key factor in obtaining the MBA.

Ricardo Carmo, Valedictory Address

The 27th Graduation Ceremony of SHU Luxembourg was also an opportunity to honor this year’s CAPSTONE COURSE client organizations for their commitment to SHU and its students with a Thank You Award for making a difference to SHU and the students.

  • Ampacet, represented by Marcello Bergamo
  • Governance.Com, represented by Bert Boerman
  • Healthy or Cheat Day?, represented by Iuliana Stan
  • LuxExpo The Box, represented by Morgan Gromy
  • Luxinnovation EcoInnovation, represented by Charles-Albert FLORENTIN
  • Luxinnovation Wood Cluster, represented by Philippe Genot
  • Technoport, Inspections represented by Diego De Biasio
  • UpFoundation, represented by Liz Kremer-Rauchs

SHU says thank you to you all for your help and support in providing and delivering Excellence in Business Education. Your commitment is an important and unique pillar in our students’ learning experience.

The ceremony concluded with a private cocktail dinner enjoyed by all graduates, SHU Alumni, family members and guests.


Presenting the Graduates of Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, Class of 2018

Master of Business Administration

Punit Rajendra Agrawal
Alberto Balossino
Ashish Bansal
Jehan Abdussalam M Ben Yousef
Bastien Berg
Denise Bouba
Arianna Brina
Ricardo Carmo
Vivek Daksh
Mike De Dood
Fabian Deynet
Sahil Goel
Annika Grosser
Peter Hancz
Nicolas Janvier
Šime Jurlina
Bénédicte Keith
So Yeh Kim
Iwona Koscinska-Carthy
Marichka Milord
Kiran Sasidharan Neeliath Nambiar
Maxime G. Nino
Jaqueline Nuß
Justin Lyndal Peel
Dragos Alexandru Petre
Joseph Amith Ramesh
Fairuz Binti Samuri
Philipp Andreas Franz Schlöder
Ramesh Kumar Singh
Iuliana G. Stan
Martina Veit

Graduate Business Certificate

Carine Laloy – Leadership certificate