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    an international business environment

Highly competitive with a long-term outlook

The geography of Luxembourg has caused by necessity a unique blend of cultures. Creativity and connection rise from the hearts and minds of both the residents and daily commuters. The intelligent and well-educated minds of the many multilingual crowds bring a competitiveness and digital readiness level that is largely unseen in today’s European culture.

Work hard, and play hard too.

Earning an MBA in a rigorous program takes discipline, focus and great time management skills. But there’s still time for fun. SHU MBAs take networking and teambuilding seriously, building future career opportunities during site visits, economic summits, or fitting in a project discussion a lunchtime. Many students choose Luxembourg for its easy access to Paris, Brussels, Geneva and Frankfurt. The lifestyle allows taking time between courses to travel, network, and just enjoy the company of new friends.

Discover Luxembourg’s Business Community.

Luxembourg may be famous for luxury goods, fine food, and excellent public administration, but once you visit, you’ll find the real attributes that lure SHU MBA students from around the world: innovative, global companies with strong growth potential; abundant resources for entrepreneurs; the international reputation; and engaged alumni who open doors for new SHU MBAs in Luxembourg City and around the world. Learn more about Luxembourg’s Business Community

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