A few words from our MBA Alumni Cristina Von Mayer

Doing an MBA is much more than just learning hard skills. My MBA journey with Sacred Heart University (SHU) has shown me that nimble learning only occurs when we go beyond ourselves, set aside our own preconceived ideas and think more about how we interact with the others.  

I have learned soft skills are crucial, how you communicate, ideate, analyse and think with other people, is key to adapt for such an era of unimaginable change. I stopped taking from granted my truth and really understood how important is to continuously challenge ourselves to learn about things we were not aware about us and the others.  

This can only be done if you expose yourself to intense learning experiences with people that have different backgrounds, cultures and ages. SHU has a structured program that forces us to work in diverse teams, different per module, so that you get highly trained to be able to generate ideas and innovate with others, really taking the most of teamwork. Developing HARD & SOFT skills will prepare you for anything

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