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Antoine Rech

Antoine Rech is the Administrative Director of the Luxembourg branch of Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, USA. He directs and oversees the functions of the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg and performs administrative and programmatic functions including technology, human resources, and public relations. Antoine oversees admission activities for all Luxembourg academic departments in close collaboration with program faculty and staff, reviews and evaluates candidates for admission and counsels prospective students. Antoine is responsible for strategic planning, policymaking, and maintaining organizational effectiveness; he oversees the management of office staff and outside consultants. Prior to serving as Administrative Director, Antoine Rech was the Project Manager at Technicolor Luxembourg, part of the THOMSON Group. In this role, he managed clients representing 5 million euros of annual revenue and supervised orders and special projects handling for Microsoft and Disney. From 1999 to 2001, Antoine worked in New York for Bloomingdale’s and a wine import company located in SoHo where he developed and maintained an effective marketing communication strategy. Antoine received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Ecole Française des Attachés de Presse (EFAP) in Lille, France, his Master of Arts degree from the Marymount Manhattan College in New York, USA, his Master’s degree in International Business from ICN in Nancy, France and his MBA from Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.
SHU Alumni Group Parliament

Sacred Heart University Alumni & Friends – Luxembourg Parliament Visit

On 19 April, SHULU Alumni together with our alumni friends from Audencia Business School and the University of Luxembourg met for a guided tour of the Luxembourg parliament. It was a special occasion, gaining an inside look into this political institution and having the opportunity to ask questions concerning the Luxembourgish political landscape.

Upon arrival, we were cordially welcomed by our hosts Clara Moraru, entrepreneur and SHULU alumna, and Claude Wiseler, Member of Parliament and President of the Christian Social People’s Party. After an interesting tour of the parliament premises, we took our seats in the conference chamber, where MP Wiseler presented not only the history of the Luxembourg parliament, but entertained us with fun facts and exciting secrets. MP Wiseler introduced us to the painting’s gallery of the Grand Dukes, ranging from the first monarchical head of state to Henri, the current Grand Duke, and the Grand Duchess, Maria Teresa.

The floor was then opened for discussion. We learned that Luxembourg’s politics pays particular focus on an inclusive approach. Initiatives evolve around the country’s diverse population and the representation of the youth, women, senior citizens, and international population, just to name a few. Discussion points also included important aspects of sustainability and climate change, as well as the contentious topic of Luxembourg’s high housing prices.

A key takeaway from MP Wiseler’s presentation was that politics concerns everyone. Becoming involved in politics means working on change: If you want to see the change, be part of the change.

Following the parliament visit, we enjoyed a pleasant dinner at Bazaar restaurant in company of Clara and MP Wiseler. Existing alumni friendships were revived and new connections were made. The evening also brought about an idea for a future alumni event, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

The SHULU Alumni Committee thanks Clara and MP Wiseler for their generous invitation to visit the parliament. We also thank all fellow Alumni who participated in this get-together, making it a special Alumni event.

Together for the better

Sustainability in Action Leadership Platform: Carlo Hein, Founder Ramborn

Carlo Hein is active in the Luxembourgish construction sector and in the renewable energy sector since 1996 when he joined Becolux SA as administrator.

Carlo believes that the third industrial revolution has already impacted the real estate industry and that building infrastructure management systems, the Internet of things, big data and digital factory are the concepts who will reshape the real estate industry.

In this video, Carlo shares his other convictions according to which we should use business as a force for good. He talks about his other company, Ramborn which takes care of the local orchards and the biodiversity and explains why he joined forces with Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.


SHULU Alumni’s Events – What’s Up ?

Dear fellow Alumni and Alumni friends,

The world is opening up again with the lifting of Covid19 restrictions. However, the feeling of relief for returning to “normalcy” and the enjoyment of freedom in our everyday lives has been greatly overshadowed by the war in Ukraine. Our ideas of peace and tolerance that are rooted in democratic foundations are shaken. While this war may not take place in our beautiful Luxembourg, it still hits very much close to home. We remain committed to the statement we recently published on LinkedIn: We encourage everyone to keep themselves informed on the situation and on ways to show solidarity with those in need.

In these times, the bonds we create and maintain with each other are more relevant than ever: Connecting the SHULU Community.

Following the Committee’s objectives for the year 2022, we started bringing back in-person events:

• 26 March: SHULU Alumni family moment at the animal park of Escher Deierepark

On Saturday, March 26th, several members from our Alumni community, their families and friends met at the Escher animal farm to enjoy the afternoon together. It was a beautiful sunny day to meet old and new friends. The kids were particularly excited about the variety of animals, such as ducks, racoons, wooly pigs, and exotic birds, that were nearby. Following the walk through the park, Sangria for the Alumni rounded off the afternoon and added a bit of holiday feeling to the activity.

Escher Dëierepark
Escher Dëierepark
Alumni Community Animal Park Group
Alumni Community Animal Park Group
Animal Park Animals
Animal Park Animals

Coming next!

• 19 April: SHULU Alumni visit the Luxembourg Parliament together with Clara Moraru (Alumna of 2003) and Claude Wiseler (Member of Parliament and President of the Christian Social People’s Party).

Clara was featured in our March LinkedIn article. If you have not already done so, we invite you to read this article to learn about the numerous inspirational activities that Clara is engaged in as a serial entrepreneur, active promoter of equality, and womens’ rights ambassador. We are excited to meet with Clara and MP Claude Wiseler as they will take us inside this important EU institution allowing us to dive deeper into Luxembourg’s democratic system.

In the evening after our parliament visit, there will be an opportunity to connect with each other over dinner, together with our hosts Clara Moraru and MP Claude Wiseler. Check your email inbox for the upcoming invitation to this event, which will include more information and the registration link.

Keep an eye open for future events on our LinkedIn page:

Do you have an idea that would be fun to organize? Let us know! We value everyone’s ideas to offer a diverse portfolio of Alumni activities. Please contact us at

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Christine, Claudia, Mike, Sahil & Sime

Study Aboard

Semester Abroad Students touring Europe

Halfway through our study abroad semester, and we have already checked nine new countries off of our bucket lists.
After arriving in Luxembourg, we toured the entire city and learned all about the history of Luxembourg. We saw all of the famous bridges and the beautiful view of the city from above.
Looking down on the beautiful rivers and the amazing architecture was an unforgettable sight. We also visited Vianden Castle, our first of many castle visits in Lux.
In the castle they had beautiful gowns worn thousands of years ago, shiny armor worn by the knights, beautiful antique furniture, weapons that were left behind, and so much more.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
We visited another beautiful side of Luxembourg, the countryside.
We love how much Lux has to offer, whether we want to shop in the city and listen to some amazing street performers or have a peaceful stroll through the countryside without having to go too far.
Not only the views, our first Luxembourgish meal was fantastic! Even when half of us were nervous to try new foods, we all absolutely loved it.
Luxembourg feels like home even after being here for such a short amount of time. We made new friends within our first week and they all live so close! We have learned our way around this beautiful country so quickly which is a perk of it being so small.
We also have explored our way around Europe on weekends and made so many amazing memories.

Eiffel Tower
We began our first weekend trip to Brussels, Belgium where we saw the famous Manneken Pis, discovered our favorite European stores, and had the most amazing Belgian waffles.
Next, we explored the beautiful Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, took a trip to Galway, and spent lots of time in Dublin. Our third trip was our excursion to Paris hosted by SHU.
In Paris we saw the Mona Lisa, visited the Palace of Versailles, visited the Arc de Triomphe, and we also climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The multiple sets of stairs were definitely worth the view.

Horseback riding in Madrid, Spain
Our most recent trip consisted of four countries in 10 days during our spring break. We began in Madrid, Spain where we explored the beautiful Madrid mountains on horseback, which was by far our most unique experience.
We then visited Porto, Portugal where we climbed the Arrabida Bridge and explored the WOW Experience museums. Next was Vienna, Austria, another beautiful city for shopping, also known as the “City of Music” and home of Beethoven and Mozart.
We took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria to tour the city where “The Sound of Music” was filmed. Our final stop for spring break was Milan, Italy where we climbed to the top of the Milan Cathedral which was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in Europe so far. The people, food, and street performers were amazing in Milan.
A saxophone player drew an entire crowd and had everyone dancing as he played. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

Milan’s Cathedral, Italy
For the remaining time we have here we are going to London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, and many more exciting places. We are looking forward to seeing more in Lux itself.
We learned that there are up to 60 museums in Luxembourg, over 100 castles, and over 300 hiking trails. Deciding to study abroad was scary, but definitely a life shaping and once in a lifetime experience that we may never have the chance to take again.
The six of us studying here have gotten very close and are all so happy that we decided to come.
We have made many new friends and so many new memories through this opportunity that will impact the rest of our lives.

Text and Photos Credits : Jolian Hrzic


Dr. Catherine McCabe selected as the next dean of the Welch College of Business & Technology (WCBT)

Dr. Catherine McCabe has been selected as the next dean of the Welch College of Business & Technology (WCBT) starting July 1, 2022. Dr. McCabe is currently serving as associate dean of Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School in Boston where she has been since 2000. A graduate of St. Anselm College with a bachelor’s degree in English, Dr. McCabe holds a masters in communications from Emerson College and a Ph.D. in business administration and marketing from the University of Kentucky. She is a native Bostonian and currently resides in Abington, MA.

As a leader in experiential education, Dr. McCabe has collaborated with the faculty, alumni and external advisory councils to develop experiential curricula in response to market demands (e.g., fintech, cybersecurity, biotech and business). Her scholarship currently focuses on experiential learning as a holistic, developmental process. She is a learning partner and consultant with the Institute of Experiential Learning and works with educators across the globe.

Raffella Vaccaroli

SHULU’s podcast series “WeCare” with Raffaella Vaccaroli (Agence eSanté)

Welcome to the fourth episode of « WeCare », Sacred Heart University Luxembourg’s podcast series : here we speak with SHULU Alumni & Students to learn about their unique stories and their experience in our program.

For 30 years, SHULU has worked to educate business professionals in Luxembourg through a thoughtfully designed curriculum taught by engaged and experienced faculty and practitioners.

We care deeply about providing valuable educational opportunities.
We care about our students.
We care about our graduates.
And, we care about you!

Raffaella Vaccaroli, 34 years old, is deputy COO at the Agence eSanté, the national agency for eHealth. With over 10 years of experience in science and 4 years in health, Raffaella helps the organisation on innovation topics related to health and in the implementation on digital national services. Raffaella holds a Ph.D. degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Luxembourg. Currently attending an EMBA in Management from the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.

In this episode of the « WeCare » podcast series, she shares with us her journey and in particular how the Sacred Heart University part-time EMBA benefited her career.

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