MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018, 6:30 PM

Blockchain Demystification

“If the Internet was a revolution, think twice about Blockchain impact.”

Chris Marcilla, MBA
Chairman at Disruptive Models Working Group in Luxembourg

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Chris Marcilla is a Founding Partner of ACCM and an independent consultant for Design Compliance & AML systems for medium-sized structures and startups, specialized in Fintech and Blockchain Technologies. In 2017, Chris was named the Independent Director of Alantor Blockchain Investments and he recently became a Deputy Director at KYC3—a KYC & AML services providers for financial institutions. Chris is the Founder & Chairman of Disruptive Models Working Group in Luxembourg (APSI Member), working to promote the education of distributed ledger technologies and new business models in Finance, Fund Industry, Payments and Regtech. He is also a founding member of Infrachain and the Luxembourg Blockchain Association, Board Member of APSI, a member of ALCO and the ALFI Fintech Working Group, and President of the Sacred Heart University Alumni Association.

Blockchain & GDPR

“There’s no denying a tension between GDPR and blockchain...they represent different visions of what the database is.”

Michèle Finck, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Innovation
Lecturer in Law at Keble College, University of Oxford

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Michèle Finck writes, teaches and advises on the intersection between technological change and regulation. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition and a Lecturer in EU law at Keble College, University of Oxford. She previously worked at the London School of Economics. Michèle’s research focuses on the digital economy, in particular (big) data, digital platforms (she is an editor of the Cambridge Handbook on the Law of the Sharing Economy) and blockchains. Her current book project, ‘Blockchain Regulation and Governance in Europe’ (Cambridge University Press 2018) examines the legal and regulatory implications of blockchains and blockchain-based applications.

ICOs: Global Impact

“ICOs can be the future of fund raising.”

Michael Jackson
Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners

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Michael is Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners in Luxembourg, an active member of the European startup scene, and board member of several companies—ranging from new startups to AXA UK PLC. Michael has seen companies grow from zero to hundreds of millions in turnover, and notably led the operations and revenue generating activities of Skype for its first four years as COO. He leads significant work in the ICO space, calling for clear regulatory concepts that recognize the opportunities and enable safety. His position as Board Director of Blockchain—a bitcoin wallet start-up, and now the world’s leading company in the virtual currency space—offers a unique insight into the new crypto world. Michael is also a guest speaker in the SHU Luxembourg course “Entrepreneurship”.

ICOs: Legal Issues

“Luxembourg: A Revolution? Or late to the game?”

Dr. Olivier Hance
Attorney & Managing Partner at Hance Law Avocats

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Olivier Hance is an Attorney and Managing Partner at Hance Law. He is a member of the Bar of Luxembourg (Lawyer before the High Court of Justice), Brussels and Paris (Schedule IV of Foreign Lawyers). Olivier specializes in International Fund law, specifically International Business & Finance, and he is a member of the STEP Network, IBA and International Referral associations. Olivier has taught law and management for over 20 years at several European universities, including Namur, Padua, Brussels, Helsinki and Aix-en-Provence. At the moment, he is “Maître de Conférence” of the Aix-Marseille University, responsible for “International Practice of Business & Tax Law,” “International Business Law: Advanced Topics,” “Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship & Start-ups” and “Information Law and IPR”. In 2018 Olivier joined the SHU Luxembourg Faculty as an Adjunct Professor of Law and Management.

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