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Celil Ishik

PE Certificate: Let’s hear about Certified Student Celil Isnik experience

Celil IshikMoving to Luxembourg, after completing my MBA in the US, I was keen to deepen my knowledge of private equity industry to complement my education but also curious to make myself familiar with this thriving and pulsating cosmopolis. By a chance encounter, I found myself in the classroom of ‘Private Equity and Other Alternative Assets’ from Prof. Hoellermann and Prof. Fischer at Sacred Heart University. This course is a grand fusion of the academic and the practical; enriched with guest lecturers for each class, shedding light on each actor and each stage of the whole investment cycle.

Later, to brush up the fundamentals, I also took the ‘Corporate Finance’ course from Prof. Horvath. My expectation was to discount lots of free cash flow and in the meantime to practice my modeling skills. What I wasn’t expecting was to find myself in the cockpit seat; the classroom was literally run as a corporate finance department, and we were making real-time decisions with absolute freedom to argue in favor or against a certain decision and to stick with it, even to the end of the case study. His patience for students coming up with preposterous arguments is legendary (and hard to imitate); but on a second thought there is no other effective method to teach.

My third course in this journey was ‘Advanced Risk Management’ by Prof. Ertz and Prof. Stamirowski. Dreading the CFA Level II exam in May this year, I thought this course also might come handy as an ersatz preparation. I have to confess I hated my ‘Fixed Income’ course during MBA, and it wasn’t the fault of my teacher, very embodiment of a gentleman Mr. Eric Rosenfeld. And paradoxically I loved the ARM course, although they basically cover the same topics (give or take). For the first time, I have experienced the adage that finance is actually music with numbers. Variance, standard deviation, kurtosis, skewness, duration, convexity, the alpha, the beta, the delta, the vega, the theta and the rho; they were all different notes at different pitches, making up the symphony, if only we could hear it.

After one year of signing up for the Private Equity certificate, I can say that this was one of the best investments I have made. The staff are always kind and helpful, other professors are also dedicated, knowledgeable and distinguished with their academic background and first-hand experience in finance.

To my peers and fellow finance enthusiasts, I can only recommend it, this is the right place to start!

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A few words from our MBA Alumni Cristina Von Mayer

Doing an MBA is much more than just learning hard skills. My MBA journey with Sacred Heart University (SHU) has shown me that nimble learning only occurs when we go beyond ourselves, set aside our own preconceived ideas and think more about how we interact with the others.  

I have learned soft skills are crucial, how you communicate, ideate, analyse and think with other people, is key to adapt for such an era of unimaginable change. I stopped taking from granted my truth and really understood how important is to continuously challenge ourselves to learn about things we were not aware about us and the others.  

This can only be done if you expose yourself to intense learning experiences with people that have different backgrounds, cultures and ages. SHU has a structured program that forces us to work in diverse teams, different per module, so that you get highly trained to be able to generate ideas and innovate with others, really taking the most of teamwork. Developing HARD & SOFT skills will prepare you for anything

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Student Ashish Bansal: “An internship into a full-time job halfway through my MBA”

Having worked with an Investment bank, starting a partnership firm and managing a contracts business back in India, I felt the need to go back to classroom learning to enhance my skills and build a global network. To gain exposure at an international level, I decided to do my MBA from another country (preferably one in Europe). That is when I came across the SHU MBA with Internship program in Luxembourg.

The MBA provided me a base to further build up on my undergraduate degree and 6 years of work experience. For me, the best part about the MBA was the fact that I was able to apply my classroom learnings directly onto my internship the next day. Thanks to continued guidance from my professors and the SHU staff, I was able to convert my internship into a full-time job halfway through my MBA.

Networking with individuals from various backgrounds, team building activities, working together on case studies, classroom discussions and offline project discussions further helped me gain new business insights and boosted my self-confidence. With the support of best in class professors and an amazingly learned and diverse cohort, I was able to gain immensely from this program.

Ashish Bansal, Alumni 2018
Senior Analyst @Citco

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni, Annika Grosser: “My SHU Journey helped me grow into a better version of myself”

Doing my MBA at SHU really was a transitional experience for me. It taught me so much about myself, about people in general and of course the subjects treated in and outside of class. Being in a culturally diverse and rich classroom with people from a lot of different professional and cultural backgrounds allowed discussions and exchanges that exceeded my expectations by far. The viewpoints were at times so conflicting but the discussions were constructive and ideas formed and evolved quickly. It was inspiring listening to lecturers experiences and hearing about peers achievements, while being intellectually stimulating at the same time.

When I started my journey, I was working in the healthcare sector and felt like I had no career opportunities; by now I am working as a head of HR in a mid-size company, a job, I could not even aspire to before my SHU journey. There are so many options these days and I get to partake in great and meaningful projects. I am very thankful for having all these options now and can only recommend taking the next step on your career path and see where you end up.

Throughout the course, I felt that there was an excellent support system. At times, when I needed advice, the staff was always available for guidance and extremely helpful. Even now, over a year later, I can still strongly rely on the SHU community. There is a great Alumni Support Network, that spreads in so many different sectors. This is another a great takeaway that you should never underestimate.

Doing an MBA at SHU is a process that helped me grow into a better version of myself.

Annika Grosser, Alumni 2018
Human Ressources & Talent Manager @ MINUSINES S.A

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Student Christine Impens: “As anything you do in life, you will get out of it what you put into it”

“As anything you do in life, you will get out of it what  you put into it” and in this case I received much more…

SHU has given me confirmation in my capabilities, strengthened my knowledge and has been the base layer for a wide range of inspirations, an alumni network and friends.

My peers, my professors, the MBA program have helped me to become a better version of myself and it is just the beginning!


Christine Impens, MBA Student 2020
Finance @ Three Hills Capital Partners

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Summer Voices: Meet our Alumni Jens Hoellerman

“SHU provides a first-class MBA program at a prime location of the financial industry in the center of Europe that facilitates the next career advancement.”

Jens Hoellermann, Alumni 2018
Independent Director & Managing Partner at InTabulis

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