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Sacred Heart University Alumni & Friends – Luxembourg Parliament Visit

On 19 April, SHULU Alumni together with our alumni friends from Audencia Business School and the University of Luxembourg met for a guided tour of the Luxembourg parliament. It was a special occasion, gaining an inside look into this political institution and having the opportunity to ask questions concerning the Luxembourgish political landscape.

Upon arrival, we were cordially welcomed by our hosts Clara Moraru, entrepreneur and SHULU alumna, and Claude Wiseler, Member of Parliament and President of the Christian Social People’s Party. After an interesting tour of the parliament premises, we took our seats in the conference chamber, where MP Wiseler presented not only the history of the Luxembourg parliament, but entertained us with fun facts and exciting secrets. MP Wiseler introduced us to the painting’s gallery of the Grand Dukes, ranging from the first monarchical head of state to Henri, the current Grand Duke, and the Grand Duchess, Maria Teresa.

The floor was then opened for discussion. We learned that Luxembourg’s politics pays particular focus on an inclusive approach. Initiatives evolve around the country’s diverse population and the representation of the youth, women, senior citizens, and international population, just to name a few. Discussion points also included important aspects of sustainability and climate change, as well as the contentious topic of Luxembourg’s high housing prices.

A key takeaway from MP Wiseler’s presentation was that politics concerns everyone. Becoming involved in politics means working on change: If you want to see the change, be part of the change.

Following the parliament visit, we enjoyed a pleasant dinner at Bazaar restaurant in company of Clara and MP Wiseler. Existing alumni friendships were revived and new connections were made. The evening also brought about an idea for a future alumni event, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

The SHULU Alumni Committee thanks Clara and MP Wiseler for their generous invitation to visit the parliament. We also thank all fellow Alumni who participated in this get-together, making it a special Alumni event.


SHULU Alumni’s Events – What’s Up ?

Dear fellow Alumni and Alumni friends,

The world is opening up again with the lifting of Covid19 restrictions. However, the feeling of relief for returning to “normalcy” and the enjoyment of freedom in our everyday lives has been greatly overshadowed by the war in Ukraine. Our ideas of peace and tolerance that are rooted in democratic foundations are shaken. While this war may not take place in our beautiful Luxembourg, it still hits very much close to home. We remain committed to the statement we recently published on LinkedIn: We encourage everyone to keep themselves informed on the situation and on ways to show solidarity with those in need.

In these times, the bonds we create and maintain with each other are more relevant than ever: Connecting the SHULU Community.

Following the Committee’s objectives for the year 2022, we started bringing back in-person events:

• 26 March: SHULU Alumni family moment at the animal park of Escher Deierepark

On Saturday, March 26th, several members from our Alumni community, their families and friends met at the Escher animal farm to enjoy the afternoon together. It was a beautiful sunny day to meet old and new friends. The kids were particularly excited about the variety of animals, such as ducks, racoons, wooly pigs, and exotic birds, that were nearby. Following the walk through the park, Sangria for the Alumni rounded off the afternoon and added a bit of holiday feeling to the activity.

Escher Dëierepark
Escher Dëierepark
Alumni Community Animal Park Group
Alumni Community Animal Park Group
Animal Park Animals
Animal Park Animals

Coming next!

• 19 April: SHULU Alumni visit the Luxembourg Parliament together with Clara Moraru (Alumna of 2003) and Claude Wiseler (Member of Parliament and President of the Christian Social People’s Party).

Clara was featured in our March LinkedIn article. If you have not already done so, we invite you to read this article to learn about the numerous inspirational activities that Clara is engaged in as a serial entrepreneur, active promoter of equality, and womens’ rights ambassador. We are excited to meet with Clara and MP Claude Wiseler as they will take us inside this important EU institution allowing us to dive deeper into Luxembourg’s democratic system.

In the evening after our parliament visit, there will be an opportunity to connect with each other over dinner, together with our hosts Clara Moraru and MP Claude Wiseler. Check your email inbox for the upcoming invitation to this event, which will include more information and the registration link.

Keep an eye open for future events on our LinkedIn page:

Do you have an idea that would be fun to organize? Let us know! We value everyone’s ideas to offer a diverse portfolio of Alumni activities. Please contact us at

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Christine, Claudia, Mike, Sahil & Sime

Raffella Vaccaroli

SHULU’s podcast series “WeCare” with Raffaella Vaccaroli (Agence eSanté)

Welcome to the fourth episode of « WeCare », Sacred Heart University Luxembourg’s podcast series : here we speak with SHULU Alumni & Students to learn about their unique stories and their experience in our program.

For 30 years, SHULU has worked to educate business professionals in Luxembourg through a thoughtfully designed curriculum taught by engaged and experienced faculty and practitioners.

We care deeply about providing valuable educational opportunities.
We care about our students.
We care about our graduates.
And, we care about you!

Raffaella Vaccaroli, 34 years old, is deputy COO at the Agence eSanté, the national agency for eHealth. With over 10 years of experience in science and 4 years in health, Raffaella helps the organisation on innovation topics related to health and in the implementation on digital national services. Raffaella holds a Ph.D. degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Luxembourg. Currently attending an EMBA in Management from the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.

In this episode of the « WeCare » podcast series, she shares with us her journey and in particular how the Sacred Heart University part-time EMBA benefited her career.

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Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Alumni

SHULU Alumni Committee in action! – October to December 2021 Agenda

Dear fellow Shulu Alumni, students, faculty, and friends,

Let us tell you, It has been a flying start so far! The plans for the Alumni were first discussed almost one year ago and see us now:

• The team of Sahil, Mike, and Christine have been reinforced by Claudia and Sime;
• The July re-connect garden party was a great success with the help of Carolina;
• The first and second “alumni voice” articles and motivational cartoons were posted on LinkedIn.

And with our committee, we want to achieve more with next on the planning a nature re-connect walk and our winter re-connect party. For more details, have a look at our below agenda.
Looking for a job or a new colleague, follow us on our LinkedIn page and private Alumni group.

Alumni and Faculty exclusively, there is also the Signal group for all last-minute get together drinks, dinners, and advice questions. Click the hyperlinks for access requests.

Get to know us a bit better, and check out our last “Alumni Voice” article: “The committee” about our history, our purpose, and the team.
You want to help us either with the events, our social media, or joining the committee, reach out to us via LinkedIn.

Looking forward to re-connect the Shulu Alumni and seeing you at our next events,

Christine Impens, Claudia Koppelkamm, Mike de Dood, Sahil Goel, Sime Jurlina

On the agenda

30 October 2021, Nature (Re) Connection on Saturday
A three-hour – connecting with nature and yourself – experience. This is a unique experience for SHULU Alumni and their partners. Places are limited, thus hurry to register!

Nature Re-connection

7 December 2021, Save the date for the re-connect, the winter edition!
Subscribe: Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page
Are you ready to greet some old friends, make new connections, all under the theme of the jolly holly winter holidays? “SHULU Alumni Committee” is organizing a Christmas theme party on Tuesday, 7th December 2021.

Save The Date

More about SHULU Alumni association :

Andy Schmidt Seismic

SHULU’s podcast series “WeCare” with Andy Schmidt (Seismic)

Hello everyone and welcome to the third episode of « WeCare », Sacred Heart University Luxembourg’s podcast series :

Here we will speak with SHULU Alumni & Students to learn about their unique stories and their experience in our program.

For 30 years, SHULU has worked to educate business professionals in Luxembourg through a thoughtfully designed curriculum taught by engaged and experienced faculty and practitioners.
We care deeply about providing valuable educational opportunities. We care about our students. We care about our graduates. And, we care about you!

Andy Schmidt, 44 years old, is the co-founder and COO of Seismic. With over 20 years of experience, Andy helps organisations achieve their strategic objectives and supports the growth and development of world class, values-led organisations. Andy has an MBA in Strategic Management in International Business from the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, as well as a Master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University.

In this episode of the « WeCare » podcast series, he shares with us his journey and in particular how the Sacred Heart University part-time MB benefited his career.

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SHULU MBA Experience Back to Nature

The SHULU EMBA Experience: Back to Nature

Article written by Johanna Sorrentino, SHULU EMBA Student.

Seven Executive MBA students laid on the ground in the middle of a forest in Luxembourg tasked with doing…absolutely nothing. It’s not the average assignment for a graduate business degree—long hours poring over financial statements and management best practices are more typical.

And while these students have experienced plenty of that in their program at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHULU), on this particular Saturday they received a different type of lesson. Because, as it turns out, this is not your average EMBA program.

Laying in the forest, they were learning to access one of the most effective sources of professional and personal resilience available: Nature.

Escorting the students through this forest experience was Julie Schadeck, a certified guide from the L’Université dans la Nature. She took the students on a tour of what happens to the senses in a natural environment, quoting literature, scientific research, and the most convincing data set of all—personal experience.

“It was simple stuff I was not doing for 20 years. I do gardening, but you don’t go to the forest to smell earth. It was a trip to childhood with all these smells,” said SHULU EMBA student Raffaella Vaccaroli.

Smell was the sense that Vaccaroli said she connected with most, and she especially remembered the reference to dirt as “the new Prozac”. Indeed, Schadeck provided scientific research to suggest that the smell of certain soil bacteria can activate serotonin-releasing neurons in the brain. “I am very scientific, so the fact that she was explaining and building up with literature made me believe in the power of this activity,” Vaccaroli said.

To demonstrate the sense of hearing, Schadeck brought forth scientific research comparing the superior hearing ability of people living in natural environments with those living in cities. She also explained that complete silence is nearly impossible, and even natural silence—without manmade sounds—is only found in a few places places around the world.

For the sense of sight, Schadeck highlighted studies that explained how our brains are more evolved to perceive the level of input seen in nature than in cities, pointing to the repeated patterns found in the ferns that brushed against the student’s legs. “The geometry of the leaves is really meditative,” Vaccaroli said.

Schadeck also offered exercises which invited students to experience the power that nature has on the human body. She demonstrated the power of touch by inviting students to take off their shoes and socks and walk barefoot through the forest.

It was a step out of the comfort zone for SHULU EMBA student Stefano Pozzi Mucelli. “I was thinking about broken glass, and what would happen if I started bleeding in the forest,” he said. Then, he realized that there was an insect walking on his foot, something that would normally bother him, but “it felt natural to have that animal walking on my foot, and I realized how disconnected from nature we are.”

Walking barefoot allowed SHLU EMBA student Abhilash Sharma to reconnect with his own childhood experience back in India. He recalled his grandfather, a doctor, instructing him to walk barefoot in the grass every day for his health. “These are traditional Indian practices which can be seen in the countryside. It looks like we have come too far away from it, but experiences like this help us get back to our roots,” he said.

Vaccaroli said the most challenging exercise for her was finding an area in the forest to be alone and do nothing for ten whole minutes. “At the beginning it was a little uncomfortable. I was a little like, ‘What am I going to do for 10 minutes’.” But in her time “doing nothing”, Vaccaroli she said she realized how calm she felt and how essential this is for concentration and productivity. “It helps you and your stability.”

These students said they walked out of the forest with an appreciation for how nature could bring them and those around them a greater sense of peace and resilience.

And research has shown that resilience is a powerful tool for leaders. Numerous studies have described “grit” a key success factor for leaders and their organizations. As author Dean Becker noted in a 2002 Harvard Business Review article, “More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, its true in the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom.”

Vaccaroli agreed. “You can be a super private equity person, but if you forget this work-life balance part you will have a breakdown.”

For Sharma, the greatest take away was a renewed commitment to pass down the health traditions his grandfather taught him to his daughter. “I would love to do more of that with my daughter. I have made up my mind that if I move into a different house, it will be closer to nature where I can do some gardening activities with my daughter. For weekends, instead of staying at home I must take her out,” he said. “It was an asset what our grandparents provided us. We should treasure it and give us to our new generations.”

Giving personal enrichment opportunities like this to his team members was Pozzi Mucelli’s take away. “If I’m thinking about having a team building day, I’d like to offer it to colleagues so it can give something to them, as well.”

What started as a simple walk in the forest with their fellow students became a unique learning experience—by getting closer to nature, they were actually getting closer to themselves. “This is the kind of experience every professional needs for the right work balance,” Sharma concluded.