Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni, Annika Grosser: “My SHU Journey helped me grow into a better version of myself”

Doing my MBA at SHU really was a transitional experience for me. It taught me so much about myself, about people in general and of course the subjects treated in and outside of class. Being in a culturally diverse and rich classroom with people from a lot of different professional and cultural backgrounds allowed discussions and exchanges that exceeded my expectations by far. The viewpoints were at times so conflicting but the discussions were constructive and ideas formed and evolved quickly. It was inspiring listening to lecturers experiences and hearing about peers achievements, while being intellectually stimulating at the same time.

When I started my journey, I was working in the healthcare sector and felt like I had no career opportunities; by now I am working as a head of HR in a mid-size company, a job, I could not even aspire to before my SHU journey. There are so many options these days and I get to partake in great and meaningful projects. I am very thankful for having all these options now and can only recommend taking the next step on your career path and see where you end up.

Throughout the course, I felt that there was an excellent support system. At times, when I needed advice, the staff was always available for guidance and extremely helpful. Even now, over a year later, I can still strongly rely on the SHU community. There is a great Alumni Support Network, that spreads in so many different sectors. This is another a great takeaway that you should never underestimate.

Doing an MBA at SHU is a process that helped me grow into a better version of myself.

Annika Grosser, Alumni 2018
Human Ressources & Talent Manager @ MINUSINES S.A

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Student Christine Impens: “As anything you do in life, you will get out of it what you put into it”

“As anything you do in life, you will get out of it what  you put into it” and in this case I received much more…

SHU has given me confirmation in my capabilities, strengthened my knowledge and has been the base layer for a wide range of inspirations, an alumni network and friends.

My peers, my professors, the MBA program have helped me to become a better version of myself and it is just the beginning!


Christine Impens, MBA Student 2020
Finance @ Three Hills Capital Partners

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Jens Hoellermann

Summer Voices: Meet our Alumni Jens Hoellerman

“SHU provides a first-class MBA program at a prime location of the financial industry in the center of Europe that facilitates the next career advancement.”

Jens Hoellermann, Alumni 2018
Independent Director & Managing Partner at InTabulis

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni Saranya Valsarajan : “No expectation but…”

“Sacred Heart University paved me a way into the Luxembourg market that I couldn’t have imagined paving otherwise.

I joined the MBA with Internship course with an expectation nothing more than to get into a salaried profession in Luxembourg. Which I can safely say I ended up having solely because of the SHU connection.

But during the course of time I realised that there is so much potential to explore more within this “tiny” yet vast community which is rich in culture. With every class being more practical rather than theoretical, there are great opportunities to identify and explore your capabilities. There is a “huge room” to make mistakes which maybe one cannot afford in the real world. But here there are no limitations. The professors encourage you to make one and learn from them.

The diversity and cultural impact the students and the teachers bring in, is something beyond imagination. With a class of 50 students of which more than 40 of them belonging to different cultural and geographic background, I could say that SHU is a cultural amalgamation that provides limitless knowledge and power to everyone including the professors.”

Saranya Valsarajan, Alumni 2018
Project Manager @Foundry Luxembourg

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni Soyeh Kim: “What this MBA has brought to me”

“What this MBA has brought to me”

Like everyone who is thinking about pursuing their graduate studies, I wanted to receive the maximum return on my investment of my time, efforts and tuition for this MBA. By sharing my story I have realized that at least for me, it’s clear that this MBA has been a valuable gift that has really helped me grow and develop in my career path.

So I hope any new MBA students who worry about future jobs after graduating, especially during this difficult economic situation from Covid-19 right now, could find motivation again and be encouraged towards a successful career change through this MBA.

I graduated from Korea University, one of the top 3 universities in Korea, and have been working in Korea for over 10 years. I worked at a pharmaceutical company as an Accounting & Finance manager, and also managed my own company of Math and English academy as a CEO in South Korea.

While living in my country, it is true that I was quite confident in my educational background and work experience before coming to Luxembourg. In December 2014, when my husband was sent to Luxembourg as an Expat, I quit my job and came here. I might say that I was a competent career woman in Korea, but it was very, very different here. I felt that I lacked some academic language skills, business knowledge and working experience in Europe.

When I arrived, my first thought was “Let’s come back to the mindset when I started to work after graduating university and learn step by step from the beginning” starting with my MBA journey.

Already with my first Economic class I strengthened my attitude of “let’s be humble” I decided to concentrate on building on my weakness. It was very shocking to me because I was always one of the best students during my primary and secondary schooling in South Korea. At times I event considered that this completely different way of studying in Korea was too much for me.

During this period, when I doubted my abilities, I received great support and guidance from the SHU Administrative and Academic Directors to persevere. Professors encouraged me to believe that I was capable of this MBA and I was reminded that the result of my first course is not everything and that I can find out the right direction of my professional and academic path through this experience as a whole.

For two years, I had to well prepare for each of my classes, focus 100%, and learn from each professor’s explanation and classmates’ opinions. During the courses and teamwork, I was able to pinpoint my deficiency and my opinions of where I stand. I humbly kept going on and was open to learn everything I could, step by step. That was the best way to get the highest return on the time, effort, and tuition I have invested in this MBA.

At the completion of the program, I, (who had lost confidence and nearly gave up this MBA), actually learned more through trial and error than I imagined possible. In my graduating class of 2018, I was honored to be awarded excellent achievements and received the Dean’s Leadership Award.

Through the MBA, I could combine theoretical knowledge through in-depth learning with the practical skills in Accounting and Finance, which I have learned mechanically through actual work in South Korea. This enabled me to develop better insight to plan and lead the company’s financial strategic direction in the mid-to-long term.

The MBA is not just a part of each subject’s textbook or learning on theory. Experience of sharing different thoughts and experiences regarding various topics with different professors, classmates from different countries and cultures is a much more valuable thing that I would never have had during my 41 years of life before I started my MBA.

Through this time, I was able to learn naturally how to truly understand different cultures and communicate with open-mind and no prejudice by discovering strengths and good things from each of them and learning to respect each other. This valuable experience I learned through the process of establishing relationships with various people from different cultures is really helping me whenever I meet clients from various countries and have business meetings at current workings.

In order to be able to step closer to my professional development plan after 5 years, I will continue a new challenge and learn with a humble attitude. With my new degree, capabilities and experience, I continue to appreciate any opportunity to learn whenever a new responsibility is given.

Soyeh Kim, Alumni 2018
CFO @ MasonBower/ Foundry Europe

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA with internship Student Gustavo May: “What’s the value of Education?”

What’s the value of Education?

I never doubted the fact that the higher your education, the higher your capacity to assess any situation in your history. In your personal life, if you have a greater intellect, you will overcome the challenges of life more easily.

So it is in your professional life. If you are more prepared to assail your defiance, you will get better results. The way to do it – indisputably – is through education.

Back in the day, I used to see some distinct phases in life. You are a child and play all the time. Then you’re in school. You graduate. You work…

Suddenly I realized that I would do all of these for the rest of my life. The good part of it? It’s not an obligation, and with the right timing, you can merge all of these and enjoy going through the process.

After becoming a lawyer and deciding to embrace another field, I knew that I needed to prepare myself, and during this preparation, the opportunity to move to Luxembourg came, and it scared me immensely. To let go of a career in a good company, with stability, and a good prospect is not an easy decision. And I knew I had to have the decision-maker on my side.

I’m so glad that in the middle of this journey Sacred Heart University crossed my way. It was not easy to leave my beloved country, cross the sea to a different culture, and be far away from my family for a while. But even being in the middle of this process, and still pursuing my MBA, I already know that I could not have chosen a better University to be on my side and help me to do it.

Thank you Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, thank you Sacred Heart for supporting me to climb this hill with all your staff, for bringing together students from all over the world to live this cultural melting pot, for having professors that are more than just theory, and for gathering together the perfect aspects to make an unbelievable experience that I will carry on through the rest of my life. This chapter of my life made me a better person and persuaded me toward the next one looking for the utopic perfection we all should look forward to.”

Gustavo May, Student 2020

Private Banker Assistant @Banco Bradesco

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