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Something big is happening within the walls of Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHULU). The university has made a firm commitment to developing leaders of tomorrow that will
drive the systemic change needed to create a circular economy with a more environmentally friendly approach to challenges.

SHULU has created its Sustainability in Action Leadership Program, with the program making changes in how we are educating future leaders. To foster the growth and development of this program, SHULU has partnered with international and local actors amongst which +ImpaKT, a Luxembourgish consulting firm. Working hard to make this partnership a success is a team of brilliant changemakers. We had the pleasure of learning more about one of them, Anne-Christine Ayed.

About Anne-Christine

Anne-Christine Ayed, AOC Innovation AssociateAnne-Christine is a proud mother of three grown-up children, who spends her free time, outside of changing the world, in her home in Paris listening to jazz and appreciating modern art and literature. She started her career as a chemist in Switzerland, but since then, has lived all around the world relentlessly working to prove that innovation and sustainability can both drive
business growth and human progress.

During the ten years of her career that she spent in Luxembourg, Anne-Christine was the Executive Vice President of Research, Innovation and Environment at Tarkett, a global leader in Flooring and Sports solutions. Anne-Christine said, “In that position, I led the launch of many innovative products and developed the environmental strategy which positioned the group as the industry leader in circular economy.” She continues to use her innovation and passion for change in her current position as an Associate at +ImpaKT.

What is +ImpaKT?

When asked about +ImpaKT, Anne-Christine replied, “At +ImpaKT, we believe that the circular transition is essential to solving the environmental crises we face in biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution.” +ImpaKT’s goal is to contribute to solving these issues because the price of not acting is far too high for humanity. With the combined efforts of partners, like SHULU, and its customers, +ImpaKT wants to be the vessel of change that brings us into a circular economy.

What is a Circular Economy?

Throughout this article, you’ll see many references to the circular economy. For those that aren’t familiar with the concept, Anne-Christine explains it the best:

“Contrary to the linear economy, which consists of the extraction of natural resources, their transformation, distribution, and consumption before throwing them away or forgetting them, the circular economy aims to maintain the stock of natural resources and to respect the living. If there is waste, it must systematically become inputs for other processes either as a component or recovered resource for another industrial process or as regenerative resources for nature.”

+ImpaKT strongly believes that education is key to making a circular economy possible. People, especially future leaders, need to learn and understand the environmental challenges that lie before us, the systemic approach to a circular economic model, how to eco-design products and services to thrive within the circular economy, and develop new business models to do the same.

Education is Key

This value placed on education by +ImpaKT is the reason why the partnership between SHULU and the consulting company is so cherished. SHULU’s program is extremely flexible and allows students to learn the content in a way that fits their needs. The goal of it is to provide a wide view of sustainability and its many facets while ensuring that the newly acquired competencies that the students gain are applicable to their careers and everyday life. Students in the program prepare an action plan that they put in motion outside of the classroom, whether that is at their jobs or in their private lives.

SHULU’s commitment to educating students to make a change at this pivotal point in history continues to strengthen the bond between the two organisations. “We are at the dawn of an environmental revolution, which will be at least as important as the digital revolution,” said Anne-Christine. She stated that it will be in strong synergy with the decade of the last chance for the climate to recover. Anne-Christine continued, “The transition back to the circular economy won’t just happen with some exemplary experiments. It won’t happen either with green marketing as we see so much these days. It will happen when young leaders will no longer be afraid of driving the change and develop the business models of the circular economy that create value and make businesses sustainable.”

That is why educating people about the economic opportunity of a circular economy within the limits of the planet is the key to success. A total shift of mindset and lifestyle is necessary and
is possible through education.

Ways You Can Get Involved

If you’re looking for ways that you can make an impact, educate yourself so you better understand what is at stake and what needs to be done to have a positive effect on the lives and health
of others, the environment, and the climate. Anne-Christine said that if you feel you can act and be part of the solution, it gives a purpose to your life.

Be sure to do your research and seek out companies that are embarking on the journey to create change, changing their business model to focus on things beyond profits, and attracting talents
to join the journey and continue the legacy and positive impact they hope to leave behind. Always keep the environment in mind when you influence and support governments to make circular economy and sustainability a priority; luckily, Luxembourg has put sustainable development as a priority to ensure an equitable and good life quality for the country’s citizens.

Women especially have demonstrated their concern for the environment throughout the decades; however, they are still underrepresented in the discussion of these serious matters. According to a Boston Consulting Group analysis, women are underrepresented in the green economy even though they have a strong sensitivity to environmental issues. With the gender inequality issues that are present in society, many women realise that they need to have a background in science, economics, or sustainability in order to have equal access to jobs or to do things like seek funding for green tech startups. Promoting women in STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is the first step to opening the door for more women to get involved, but we must also ensure that there is gender equality across the board in academia. No matter who you are, what your profession, or where you’re from, sustainable development is everyone’s business

Written by Macayla Temple for Lux WMN

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Alumni

SHULU Alumni Committee in action! – October to December 2021 Agenda

Dear fellow Shulu Alumni, students, faculty, and friends,

Let us tell you, It has been a flying start so far! The plans for the Alumni were first discussed almost one year ago and see us now:

• The team of Sahil, Mike, and Christine have been reinforced by Claudia and Sime;
• The July re-connect garden party was a great success with the help of Carolina;
• The first and second “alumni voice” articles and motivational cartoons were posted on LinkedIn.

And with our committee, we want to achieve more with next on the planning a nature re-connect walk and our winter re-connect party. For more details, have a look at our below agenda.
Looking for a job or a new colleague, follow us on our LinkedIn page and private Alumni group.

Alumni and Faculty exclusively, there is also the Signal group for all last-minute get together drinks, dinners, and advice questions. Click the hyperlinks for access requests.

Get to know us a bit better, and check out our last “Alumni Voice” article: “The committee” about our history, our purpose, and the team.
You want to help us either with the events, our social media, or joining the committee, reach out to us via LinkedIn.

Looking forward to re-connect the Shulu Alumni and seeing you at our next events,

Christine Impens, Claudia Koppelkamm, Mike de Dood, Sahil Goel, Sime Jurlina

On the agenda

30 October 2021, Nature (Re) Connection on Saturday
Subscribe: https://lnkd.in/dPhYZtRJ
A three-hour – connecting with nature and yourself – experience. This is a unique experience for SHULU Alumni and their partners. Places are limited, thus hurry to register!

Nature Re-connection

7 December 2021, Save the date for the re-connect, the winter edition!
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Are you ready to greet some old friends, make new connections, all under the theme of the jolly holly winter holidays? “SHULU Alumni Committee” is organizing a Christmas theme party on Tuesday, 7th December 2021.

Save The Date

More about SHULU Alumni association : https://www.shu.lu/shulu-alumni-association/

Sacred Heart University Sustainability Platform

Sacred Heart University launches sustainability platform

On Saturday, 9 October, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHU) launched its newest project–the “Sustainability in Action” Leadership Platform–at the KlimaExpo in the presence of economy minister Franz Fayot.

A holistic approach to sustainability

The platform–which hopes to enable participants to “think differently” and creatively. It includes on-site academic courses and a new postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability and Social Impact.

The online Mini-MBeA SHU offers is accessible to anyone, all over the world. Professor Marcus Mueller, who oversees the programme, reckons that the mini-MBeA will attract more executives, as the format offers “a good handle on the complexity of sustainability” in all aspects of business.

Unlike other existing sustainability programmes in Luxembourg and abroad, the SHU platform approaches the challenges of today and tomorrow in a holistic way, he said speaking to Delano ahead of the launch. “We are building bridges between theory and practice, across disciplines, across generations present and future, across stakeholders–governments, industries, consumers–and we bridge the gap between Luxembourg and the world.”

By sharing their tools–such as building self-confidence and encouraging creative thinking–and showing their application on the whole value chain of a business, Sustainability in Action aims to give its students the knowledge needed to become “ambassadors of change” in their current or future organisations.

The selection of candidates will also play an important part in the programme: there needs to be “diversity in terms of seniority, gender, disciplines, industries,” to incite enriching and transformative interactions, Muller said.

A shift in mentalities

“The business models will change–they have to. Those who want to proactively change now will be the winners, and those who just wait for regulation to happen–they will die,” said Mueller.

The current way of approaching climate change by solely “creating fear, offering island solutions and controlling carbon footprints,” is not going to help the world, he said. Fear eventually begets the numbness of citizens, whereas stimulating the participants of the programme to be communicative and creative will provide solutions that can be implemented in industries later on.

Through the classes, supported and taught by both local and international partners, such as B Lab or Luxinnovation, among many others, the programme aims to use the tools those organisations have already proven to be applicable, and introduce them into Luxembourg’s wider ecosystem (for graduates of the certificate) and international organisations (for graduates of the mini-MBeA).

Changing angles

Though Mueller acknowledges the importance of cutting carbon emissions and implementing new restrictions on industries, he believes that only coming up with new ideas, technologies and innovative solutions that “bring profit” will have a big enough impact. Only economically viable ideas that are also sustainable will interest larger industries and governments, he said.

“There is still a lot of resistance at the executive levels,” said Mueller. “The next generation needs people in the second and third level to plant the seed and show the people of the organisation” how to approach and adopt the change in mentality.

And so, through the launching of their new leadership platform, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg aims to cut fearmongering from the agenda and provide new tools to its participants to confidently approach not just the “Why?” of climate change and the economy but also mainly the “How?” of creating sustainable businesses.

Dr Marcus Mueller

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg creates new sustainability program

Because sustainable development is something that companies increasingly find they must not only reckon with but espouse, many professionals now realise they require training and development to get up to speed as to how business, sustainability, and the environment interact.

Last weekend marked the inauguration of a new graduate-level program from Sacred Heart University Luxembourg that will give students a clear overview of some of the most pertinent intersections of sustainability and business. The inauguration was introduced by Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot at KlimaExpo 2021, which took place from October 9-11 at LuxExpo the Box.

The Sustainability in Action Leadership Platform is a natural extension of the central role that care plays in the university’s mission, explains Dr Marcus Muller, the Department of Management professor who has overseen its creation. The program is unique in the world, he says, as there are very few graduate-level business programs that focus on sustainability. Those that do exist tend to have a global outlook and lack a strong connection to the local business community.

“The Sustainability in Action Leadership Platform is a combination of international and local content and expertise. The program will work closely with local partners such as Luxinnovation, +ImpaKT, and Seismic.”

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg has been building up a strong base for this program. For several years, the university has been incorporating sustainability topics into graduate courses such as finance or accounting. Later, they began offering entire courses on how the corporate world and the transition to a more circular economy are increasingly connected.

“The program is highly flexible and allows students to combine content to suit their needs. The goal is to provide a wide view of sustainability while making sure that newly acquired competencies are applicable to the outside world. Students prepare an action plan they bring to their activity outside of class, whether that is their jobs or their private lives.”

Because of the broad overview of the material, the collaborative nature of the platform, and the ability of students to choose courses that match their needs, the program has a wide range of utility.

“Everyone from young professionals, executives, to government officials can benefit. We build a foundation enabling people to find their own way. We truly see ourselves as a platform where students also learn from each other and are not subjected to top-down lectures.”

Interested parties can already register for courses or the certificate program since the university offers rolling enrollment. Only the online mini MBeA (Master in Benefit Administration), will officially be launched in quarter 2022

Because teamwork and learning from other students, most of whom come from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds, are central to the program, students often stay connected long after they have completed their work at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, says Dr Muller.

“We have a very strong network of alumni all around the world. We do care and keep caring about these people who are willing to drive impactful change through education”

SHU Luxembourg and ICDN

SHU, Luxembourg features on IDCN Partner Summer Newsletter June, 2021

Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg is proud to be featured on IDCN (International Career Dual Network) Partner Newsletter June, 2021 as their new corporate member. To support the vision of life long learning aimed by both the organizations, an article by our EMBA Student Johanna Sorrentino has been published.

SHU luxembourg icdn newsletter
SHU luxembourg icdn newsletter
SHULU Private Equity Event

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg – “The 30-Year Bridge: Executive Education & Private Equity”

Wish you knew more about Private Equity? Here’s your opportunity to…

  • Learn about the evolution of the Private Equity market
  • Listen to panelist’s stories about how Private Equity education changed their careers
  • Discover what the industry will look like in the future


  • Aissata COULIBALY, EY Private Equity Associate Partner, SHULU Board of
    Regents Member
  • Jens HOELLERMANN, SHULU Private Equity, Professor & InTabulis
    Managing Partner
  • Christine IMPENS, SHULU MBA Alumna & Finance Manager Three Hills Capital Partners
  • Erica LECLERCQ, SHULU Full Time MBA Program Manager
  • Stephane PESCH, Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association LPEA, CEO

Live streamed event on April 28th, 2021 from 6 to 7 pm.