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Registration Open: Summer & Fall 2020 Classes

The Summer (2) 2020 (20/SU2) and Fall 2020 (20/FA) Registration Period for Luxembourg Graduate Business programs is now open.

Important Information

  • Students are responsible for having any registration blocks cleared before they may register.
  • Summer & Fall 2020 Registration Deadline: June 19, 2020
  • The registration form for the Summer (2) 2020 (20/SU2) and Fall 2020 (20/FA) terms here: → Registration Form.

    Registration forms are posted and available to students in the Current Students section of the SHU Luxembourg website ( → Registration Form) and the Luxembourg MBA Blackboard organization (ORG_LXMBA).
  • In order to register for the Summer & Fall 2020 terms students must complete and return a registration form via SHU Email. Email this registration form (via SHU Email) to Sacred Heart University ( & by JUNE 19, 2020.

    To register for a course, students must complete and return a signed registration form for the current academic year and the academic term they intend to register for. Completed and signed registration forms must be returned to the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Office Manager(s) by the indicated deadline.
  • Students WILL NOT be considered registered for a course without returning a registration form containing both STUDENT ID NUMBER AND SIGNATURE.
  • Exact course dates and times are available at under the Current Students section (Class Location & Times)
    • Students must double check the precise dates and times at the beginning of the term. All dates are subject to change.
    • It is the sole responsibility of the student to plan their schedule according to the arrangement of class dates and times published on the SHU website.
    • Missing one class because a student has registered for another class running at the same time IS NOT considered an “excused absence”.
    • The administration schedules courses to best accommodate a majority of students as well as the individual, personal and professional schedules of the instructors.
  • Please read through the Registration Policies & Procedures thoroughly to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the Add/Drop period and Withdrawal protocol.
  • You can view and monitor your progress toward your degree goals/completion by visiting Student Planning & Advising and viewing your Progress Report. “Progress” is a report, which shows how the courses a student has taken apply toward degree requirements, as well as the remaining credits needed to complete your degree requirements.

    Click Here for Understanding Student Progress in Student Planning and Advising

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices should you have any questions.

For help planning your academic schedule, and to make sure you’re on track to graduate/complete your degree requirements by your preferred graduation date, please contact Antoine Rech (

***Students enrolled in the MBA with Internship program will be automatically enrolled in the required courses. For Elective course selection, please contact Antoine Rech ( or +352 22 76 13 31).***

IMPORTANT NOTE: All course communication with instructors will be strictly through your SHU EMAIL ADDRESS.

It is the student’s responsibility to check their SHU email address regularly. Especially if they are enrolled in a course.


Beginning Friday, March 13, ALL classes at the SHU Luxembourg campus moved and will run ONLINE.

All classes will remain ONLINE for the foreseeable future.

The University’s decision was not taken lightly, but it was the most responsible decision, given the recommendations from public health officials to avoid when possible bringing together groups of people for events and gatherings in spaces that do not allow for social distancing. We want to emphasize that there are no known or suspected cases of coronavirus on campus, but we want to provide faculty, students, and staff with as much guidance as possible.

We encourage all students to be as proactive as possible and prepare for the switch to online instruction.

Tips for Success in Online Courses

All further course communications will be handled by the course professors directly. Correspondence will be made through SHU email, Blackboard, and other enterprise applications supported by the University (including Blackboard, WebEx, Microsoft Office 365 and Lecture Capture). All students are required to use and check this account frequently.

Until further notice, please contact SHU Luxembourg Staff by email or phone only.

The University deeply appreciates all that faculty are doing to ensure that our educational, research, and service missions continue, as we lead our students and the community through this unprecedented public health challenge. We of course also appreciate the flexibility of our students during this time. The University’s leadership is continuing to work closely with public health officials to keep up to date on the situation and to implement appropriate policies. For more information about the coronavirus and the University’s response, visit our dedicated website.

As a reminder, we encourage you to refer to local resources available, such as the Covid-19 Helpline (phone number 8002 8080) and a government-run website. The Office of Global Affairs and your local staff are also available for help.

Feel free to reach out to SHU Luxembourg Staff with any questions.

Blockchain & Big Data/Crypto Currencies: APR 2 – JUN 18

Open Enrollment Course


APR 2 – JUN 18


Time commitment
per week


1 class
per week




YOU choose the
learning environment

that works best for YOU!

What You Will Learn

This course aims at providing a hands-on introduction to blockchain, distributed ledger and crypto-currencies. The course will address three major topics:

  1. Use cases for blockchain technologies in supply chain management and payment systems as well as tokenization of assets.
  2. An in-depth look at how blockchain technology is implemented using different programming frameworks (Ethereum and Hyperledger).
  3. The design of payment architectures based on blockchain.
    More specifically, the class will focus on the Interledger protocol developed by Ripple as a key element to achieve global inter-operability.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the opportunities, but also the limits of blockchain technology
  • Expertise in writing simple blockchain applications using the Ethereum platform
  • Understand the basic theory on consensus protocols
  • Develop basic monitoring tools for other blockchains (Ripple)
  • Understand the economic issues and incentives of a decentralized application
  • Governance approaches for blockchain based applications
  • Advanced topics: Ripple Interledger protocol, Tezos governance model

Course Features

  • A practical and pragmatic approach to blockchain based technology.
  • Team Project
    Students will be lead to understand the key technology by working in teams on a semester long project (12 weeks). The project will aim at simulating a real-life scenario of a blockchain based start-up. Each team will identify a performance gap or strategic opportunity facing the start-up organization, and then build a comprehensive, technological strategy and implementation plan to address it, and showcase their findings in final pitch presentation. Faculty will be available throughout the course to provide feedback and advice.
  • Participants learn to recognize how they can use material in the context of their own organization and apply concepts in their professional environment.
  • A diverse set of perspectives across industries, professional experiences, and academic disciplines: students come from a variety of backgrounds and companies, ensuring exposure to a broad range of learning experiences.
  • This courses is academically accredited at the graduate level.
  • Credits earned may be applied toward the MBA Degree.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who want to refine their skills in strategic data management and fact-based decision-making
  • Individuals building and launching data science teams
  • Professionals in marketing, supply chain, information technology, human resources, talent management, product development, operations, and other strategy-related functions

Course Instructor

Radu State, Adjunct Professor of Blockchain & Big Data/Cryptocurrencies, Jack Welch College of Business SHU Luxembourg