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Legitech Fall 2019 Workshop Cycle-Executive Education with SHU

Building & Nurturing Client Relations


Digital Marketing

OCT 16

High Impact Presentations

NOV 13

Conflict Resolution Development

NOV 20

Client Relationship Development

DEC 11

Innovation Management

Chamber of Commerce

Training Center
(parking provided)

Legitech and the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, department of Executive Education, have developed 5 workshops that will inspire professionals and practitioners looking for skills to build and nurture client relations in the legal, fiscal and accountancy domains.

9-Oct-19 | Digital Marketing

Instructor: Benedikt Jonas

Understanding rapidly evolving world of internet marketing, changes in consumer behaviour and opportunities, problems, tactics & strategies associated with internet-specific marketing tools in the legal and consultancy environment. Introduce participants to various digital channels, their advantages and ways of integration.

16-Oct-19 | High Impact Presentations

Instructor: Esther Celosse

Delivering presentations with confidence & impact in the legal community and environment. This workshop identifies & explains the secrets to high impact delivery presentations and provides the context to put the learnings into practice. Adapted to legal & consultancy environment.

13-Nov-19 | Conflict resolution & Assertiveness

Instructor: Keith Amoss

Standing your ground (in the client relationship) in the legal environment. This workshop aids the development of awareness & approach to detect, avoid & manage potential conflict situations within the legal environment. Focusing on reinforcing key efficient communication behaviors that work across a wide range of business & organizational situations.

20-Nov-19 | Client Relationship Development

Instructor: Olivier Hance

Growing & maintaining Client Relationships in the legal environment. This workshop gives an overview of the key elements of client relationship management, recognize & address potential threats to existing relationships and how to develop fruitful existing & new relationships. Adapted to participants working environment.

11-Dec-19 | Innovation Management

Instructor: German Castignani

Understanding Innovation Management. Guiding participants through the innovation process, from invention disclosure up to successful commercial transformation. Open innovation & co-development strategies will be included, likewise strategies for protection & licencing of intellectual property. This workshop develops the awareness & approach to assist clients in their innovation process and at the same time, stimulates the participant to set innovation in their own agenda.

If you register for all the workshops you have one workshop for free.

Key Benefits

  • Learn today, apply tomorrow.
  • Living this graduate level educational experience will enhance your career opportunities by developing your skills and abilities.
  • Participants will receive a proof of recognition (Certificate of Attendance) dated and signed by both Legitech and the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.

Who Should Attend?

  • All workshops will be adapted to the need of the specific environment of the participants and can be (re)designed for in-house purposes or open-registration purposes.


3 Hours (09:00-12:00)


English or French


Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg.
Training Center
Parking available on site. Easy access by tram, bus and vel’OH!

For more information and registration: www.legitech.lu

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Princeton Review Puts SHU Students Among USA’s Happiest

Princeton Review Puts SHU Students Among Nation’s Happiest

The Sacred Heart University community hasn’t been exaggerating about its cheerful, generous and door-holding students. They are the real thing, and there’s proof—again.

According to The Princeton Review, SHU is not only one of the best 385 colleges and universities in the nation for undergraduates to earn their degrees, it is also home to happy students who give back. Out of 20 schools from across the country, SHU ranked 10th for “Happiest Students,” (up seven spots from last year) and 13th for “Students Most Engaged in Community Service” (up six spots from last year).

It’s wonderful to have this affirmation that our students enjoy Sacred Heart. They also understand the importance of volunteering and helping those in need. Many of our students spend their winter, spring and summer breaks on mission trips working with nonprofits to better the lives of families and children near and far. Social justice is a key piece of SHU’s mission, and our strong tradition of community service is an expression of that. This recognition of our students is well deserved.

SHU President John J. Petillo

Kevin O’Sullivan, Executive Director of Admissions, said the “Happiest Students” rank is a testament to the University’s commitment to providing students with first-class facilities and experiences,

This ranking confirms that we identify and meet students’ needs, allowing them to learn and thrive.

Kevin O’Sullivan, SHU Executive Director of Admissions

The Princeton Review company profiles and recommends SHU in the 2020 edition of its annual guide, The Best 385 Colleges. It selects only about 13 percent of America’s 3,000 four-year colleges and universities to profile, based on data it annually collects from administrators about their institutions’ academic offerings. The Princeton Review also considers data it gathers from surveys of college students who rate and report on various aspects of their campus and community experiences.

Responses from SHU students who answered The Princeton Review survey included, “We all hold doors for each other, help each other out, and look out for one another.” They described the student body as “one of the most tight-knit groups of people” to which they have ever belonged. Students also said the University offers “unique and amazing” internship and job opportunities,” professors are “enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful” and they appreciate that faculty members “allow students to engage with their research which then will allow kids to get published.”

We salute Sacred Heart University for its outstanding academics, and we are truly pleased to recommend it to prospective applicants searching for their personal ‘best-fit’ college,

Robert Franek, Editor-In-Chief & Lead Author of The Best 385 Colleges, The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review’s school profiles and 62 ranking lists in The Best 385 Colleges are posted at www.princetonreview.com/best385.

LunchTime Learning – Executive Education

A Mini-Series of Executive LunchTime Learning Sessions



The Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Executive Education Program is targeted at those who desire to become the best version of themselves. With guidance from our highly experienced faculty experts you can deepen your managerial and leadership skill set. Combining knowledge, innovation, reflection and project-based learning, our interactive seminars could be the key to unlocking your new way of thinking.

The series is composed of four separate sessions and different topics. Sessions can be enjoyed individually or as a combined series. Each session is a 90-minute long intervention where—based on an initial introduction of models, literature and practical examples—we work on the understanding of those learnings. Through discussions between participants and instructor, participants learn to recognize how they can use material in the context of their own organization and apply concepts in their professional environment.


  • Session 1: Influencing From the Dark Side – April 11, 2019
    Unconventional approaches to influence and accelerate transformation within your organization to become a more effective change agent. Hone your ability to lead and inspire others, achieve results, and develop the skills to become a more purposeful leader.
  • Session 2: Design Thinking Fundamentals – May 16, 2019
    Understanding the Design Thinking principle and process. Reflection on the conditions for the application of Design Thinking and identify how and when to use different problem solving techniques.
  • Session 3: Managing Change Under Uncertainty – June 6, 2019
    The importance of the effect of uncertainty in everyday management. Where to apply mechanisms to help cope with the effects of uncertainty in the change management context.
  • Session 4: Fully Engaging Your Teams – August 8, 2019
    Reflect on engagement principles in the day-to-day of organizations and identify how their own level of engagement can be improved. Apply concepts to help effectuate engagement or diminish dis-engagement.


All participants are welcome, but this series is designed with a particular emphasis on the executive professional that may have a curiosity about any of the following:

  • Understand how we can deal with managing change in general
  • Get a grasp of what Design Thinking is and get a flavor for some of the ideation techniques
  • Learn how to fully engage teams in organizations
  • Influencing skills from unconventional approaches for positive causes


  • Knowledge & Innovation
    As a university-based Business School, we have access to the latest knowledge. Focusing on practice related concepts, models, insights and tools in managerial and leadership skills. Pushing the boundaries of knowledge and stimulating innovative thinking.
  • Project-Based Learning
    Using methods varying from real life projects to concise assignments, cases and simulation games allowing you to gain insights that are directly applicable to your position.
  • Interaction & Reflections
    A diverse set of perspectives across industries, professional experiences, and academic disciplines—from faculty and participants—are key components of our applied learning approach. Learn by sharing new insights, challenging assumptions, and introducing new ways of the thinking.


  • Lunchtime (12:00-1:45 PM)
  • Chamber of Commerce (training center)
    Luxembourg-Kirchberg (parking provided)


  • Deadline Session 1: Monday, April 8, 2019
    Session 1: Influencing From the Dark Side – April 11, 2019
  • Deadline Session 2: Monday, May 13, 2019
    Session 2: Design Thinking Fundamentals – May 16, 2019
  • Deadline Session 3: Monday, June 3, 2019
    Session 3: Managing Change Under Uncertainty – June 6, 2019
  • Deadline Session 4: Monday, August 5, 2019
    Session 4: Fully Engaging Your Teams – August 8, 2019


  • 1 Session: €150
    (Price includes lunch, learning materials and processing fees)
  • 2 Sessions: €270
    (Price includes lunch, learning materials and processing fees)
  • 3 Sessions: €380
    (Price includes lunch, learning materials and processing fees)
  • 4 Sessions: €490
    (Price includes lunch, learning materials and processing fees)


Payment is due upon registration. Your space is secured upon receipt of full payment.


We understand that business professionals occasionally have changes in plans or schedules that will result in their not being able to attend a session as planned. If you wish to cancel and receive a full refund, you must submit your request in writing 10 business days prior to the session date. Cancellation requests are valid only upon the Sacred Heart University confirming receipt of your request. For more information about cancellation policies or assistance with the registration process, please contact: Alexandra Lewis (alewis@shu.lu) or Joshua John Dhillon (jdhillon@shu.lu).


Open Enrollment Course APR 3 - JUN 26: Blockchain & Big Data/Crypto Currencies

Blockchain & Big Data/Crypto Currencies: APR 3 – JUN 26

Open Enrollment Course


APR 3 – JUN 26


Time commitment
per week


1 class
per week



Chamber of Commerce

Training Center
(parking provided)

What You Will Learn

This course aims at providing a hands-on introduction to blockchain, distributed ledger and crypto-currencies. The course will address three major topics:

  1. Use cases for blockchain technologies in supply chain management and payment systems as well as tokenization of assets.
  2. An in-depth look at how blockchain technology is implemented using different programming frameworks (Ethereum and Hyperledger).
  3. The design of payment architectures based on blockchain.
    More specifically, the class will focus on the Interledger protocol developed by Ripple as a key element to achieve global inter-operability.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the opportunities, but also the limits of blockchain technology
  • Expertise in writing simple blockchain applications using the Ethereum platform
  • Understand the basic theory on consensus protocols
  • Develop basic monitoring tools for other blockchains (Ripple)
  • Understand the economic issues and incentives of a decentralized application
  • Governance approaches for blockchain based applications
  • Advanced topics: Ripple Interledger protocol, Tezos governance model

Course Features

  • A practical and pragmatic approach to blockchain based technology.
  • Team Project
    Students will be lead to understand the key technology by working in teams on a semester long project (12 weeks). The project will aim at simulating a real-life scenario of a blockchain based start-up. Each team will identify a performance gap or strategic opportunity facing the start-up organization, and then build a comprehensive, technological strategy and implementation plan to address it, and showcase their findings in final pitch presentation. Faculty will be available throughout the course to provide feedback and advice.
  • Participants learn to recognize how they can use material in the context of their own organization and apply concepts in their professional environment.
  • A diverse set of perspectives across industries, professional experiences, and academic disciplines: students come from a variety of backgrounds and companies, ensuring exposure to a broad range of learning experiences.
  • This courses is academically accredited at the graduate level.
  • Credits earned may be applied toward the MBA Degree.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who want to refine their skills in strategic data management and fact-based decision-making
  • Individuals building and launching data science teams
  • Professionals in marketing, supply chain, information technology, human resources, talent management, product development, operations, and other strategy-related functions

Please complete the form below for more information:

Open Enrollment Course

Blockchain & Big Data/Crypto Currencies

APR 3 – JUN 26

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    Sacred Heart University – 27th Graduation Ceremony

    The candidates for degrees have been assembled; the Faculty members are in their places; Members of the Luxembourg Board of Regents, and other officials of the University are present. The 27th Graduation Ceremony of the Sacred Heart University in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are now officially in session.

    31 students from over 15 different countries walked across stage on Friday, December 14, 2018, and embarked upon a new journey as MBA graduates after receiving diplomas and words of advice and motivation from scholars, alumni and classmates.

    The evening was a celebration of the achievements of the graduates and an expression of gratitude to their spouses, significant others, and families who helped them through the rigorous MBA and graduate professional certificate programs.

    2018 was an eventful year for Sacred Heart University Luxembourg. In addition to awarding Master of Business Administration diplomas and Graduate Business Certificates to newly welcomed members of our ever growing Alumni Community; Sacred Heart University launched new Graduate Business Certificates in Private Equity and Digital Management as testament to our ever evolving curriculum, tailored to local Luxembourg Business community

    The Ceremony opened with a wonderfully welcoming speech given by John Chalykoff Ph.D., Dean of the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology. Dr. Chalykoff kicked the evening off by welcoming loved ones as well as the numerous supporters of the program—private companies and governmental representatives—all of whom help to build relations and networking possibilities for the SHU student and alumni community. The Dean highlighted the rigorous requirements of the MBA program and the dedication of the University faculty and staff to every student’s success.

    John Chalykoff, Ph.D., Dean, Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, Sacred Heart University

    Luxembourg remains among the very best of Jack Welch College of Business & Technology graduates.
    -John Chalykoff Ph.D., Dean of the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, SHU

    Professors David John Pike accompanied on piano by Christoph Jung singing the National Anthem of the United States of America

    National Anthem of Luxembourg, sung by Ms. Christine Leick

    Following the ceremonial tradition of the singing for the National Anthem of the United States of America, performed by one of our Professors David John Pike accompanied on piano by Christoph Jung this was then followed by National Anthem of Luxembourg, sung by Christine Leick, our very own published Academic Director, Professor of Economics and Finance Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Ph.D. made his way to the podium to deliver his speech as Academic Director.

    Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Ph.D., Academic Director, Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg

    Dr. Steinherr was happy to point out that throughout SHU’s MBA program, the students’ personal objectives were a key focus during the course to teachers and mentors alike. Thanks were made to the faculty as well as recognition of the newest faculty members to join the SHU Luxembourg faculty team since the beginning of the 2017-2018 Academic Year SHU Zoltan Horvath , Adjunct Professor of Finance, Eros Sharma , Adjunct Professor of Management, Claude Faber, Adjunct Professor of Management, Radu State, Adjunct Professor of Managment, Raphael Frank , Adjunct Professor of Management, Pedro Faria , Adjunct Professor of Management, Gaston Trauffler, Adjunct Professor of Management and Jens Hoellermann , Adjunct Professor of Finance,

    These teachers have helped SHU stay ahead of the race by launching new courses such as Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Sustainability, Innovation Management, International Business Strategy and Management of Resilient Portfolios to name but a few.
    -Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Academic Director, SHU Luxembourg

    The instructors at SHU Luxembourg come from many different backgrounds including the main University campus in Fairfield, CT, U.S.A, and the European Investment Bank of Luxembourg.

    In honor of the achievements celebrated throughout the evening and to inspire confidence in each of the graduates, captivating musical performances were given by David John Pike accompanied by Mr. Christoph Jung on piano.

    Mr. David John Pike singing “Votre Toast” from the opera Carmen, accompanied by Mr. Christoph Jung on piano

    This year to embrace the concept of change and our international and multi-cultural community Graduates, Students, Faculty, Alumni and Staff we opted for a Faculty Medley in place of the traditional commencement speech. We welcomed to the stage four of our Adjunct Professors to share a few final words of wisdom and guidance with our Graduates.

    The faculty medley was started by Professor Marcus Müller speaking in German, followed by Esther Celosse; who unfortunately couldn’t attend the ceremony but kindly prepared a video in her Dutch. Esther was then followed by Nicolas Neysen delivering his message in French and the final message was delivered by Hedda Pahlson-Moller

    Once finished it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas and awards. As part of the audience, one cannot help but catch the contagious feeling of pride, joy, accomplishment and satisfaction that seem to sweep through the room, infecting all in its wake leaving them with a sense of purposeful optimism. Each student makes their way across stage to shake hands with Dr. Chalykoff and receive their diploma and with each name called there is uproar of cheers from the crowd as proud relatives and friends are delighted to be part of the ceremony and share in the accomplishments of their loved ones.

    The Dean’s Leadership Award was presented to to students Annika Grosser and So Yeh Kim., the Silver Medal of Excellence was awarded to Sime Jurlina and finally, the Gold Medal of Excellence and honor of Valedictorian was awarded to, Ricardo Carmo.

    Annika Grosser, Dean’s Leadership Award

    So Yeh Kim, Dean’s Leadership Award

    Šime Jurlina, Silver Medal of Excellence Award

    Ricardo Carmo, Gold Medal of Excellence Award

    Mr. Carmo gave a heartfelt Valedictorian speech talking about challenges you may face with the MBA program at Sacred Heart University which renewed his confidence, spirit and determination. Following the lead of the speakers before him, he stated that,

    Determination is a key factor in obtaining the MBA.

    Ricardo Carmo, Valedictory Address

    The 27th Graduation Ceremony of SHU Luxembourg was also an opportunity to honor this year’s CAPSTONE COURSE client organizations for their commitment to SHU and its students with a Thank You Award for making a difference to SHU and the students.

    • Ampacet, represented by Marcello Bergamo
    • Governance.Com, represented by Bert Boerman
    • Healthy or Cheat Day?, represented by Iuliana Stan
    • LuxExpo The Box, represented by Morgan Gromy
    • Luxinnovation EcoInnovation, represented by Charles-Albert FLORENTIN
    • Luxinnovation Wood Cluster, represented by Philippe Genot
    • Technoport, Inspections represented by Diego De Biasio
    • UpFoundation, represented by Liz Kremer-Rauchs

    SHU says thank you to you all for your help and support in providing and delivering Excellence in Business Education. Your commitment is an important and unique pillar in our students’ learning experience.

    The ceremony concluded with a private cocktail dinner enjoyed by all graduates, SHU Alumni, family members and guests.


    Presenting the Graduates of Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, Class of 2018

    Master of Business Administration

    Punit Rajendra Agrawal
    Alberto Balossino
    Ashish Bansal
    Jehan Abdussalam M Ben Yousef
    Bastien Berg
    Denise Bouba
    Arianna Brina
    Ricardo Carmo
    Vivek Daksh
    Mike De Dood
    Fabian Deynet
    Sahil Goel
    Annika Grosser
    Peter Hancz
    Nicolas Janvier
    Šime Jurlina
    Bénédicte Keith
    So Yeh Kim
    Iwona Koscinska-Carthy
    Marichka Milord
    Kiran Sasidharan Neeliath Nambiar
    Maxime G. Nino
    Jaqueline Nuß
    Justin Lyndal Peel
    Dragos Alexandru Petre
    Joseph Amith Ramesh
    Fairuz Binti Samuri
    Philipp Andreas Franz Schlöder
    Ramesh Kumar Singh
    Iuliana G. Stan
    Martina Veit

    Graduate Business Certificate

    Carine Laloy – Leadership certificate