SHULU Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

SHULU is a leading player in sustainable development.

Guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles for Responsible Management Education, SHULU is committed to implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for Planet, People, and Prosperity together with all its stakeholders, including students, employees, partners, suppliers, and Board of Regents.

SHULU is committed to promoting CSR in every aspect of its operations:

Prosperity: Education Programs

Our main goal in terms of Prosperity is to use education as a force for good by educating current and future leaders to become change ambassadors, using business as a driver for sustainable development.  

SHULU’s entire curriculum is structured around aspects of sustainability. Through its courses, certificates, and programs, we aim to prepare students to solve some of society’s greatest challenges, while expanding the frontiers of knowledge and innovation.

The “Sustainability in Action Leadership Platform has been specifically designed for those students who want to:

Green Prosperity
Become aware of system failures
Understand current sustainability challenges and solutions
Explore new business models
Analyze the role of business ecosystems
Deal with resistance and barriers to change
Become an ambassador in the paradigm shift from shareholder to stakeholder value
Apply the principles of sustainability to communities and organizations

People: Human and Social Policy

Our main goal in terms of People is to create the conditions for people to cooperate, learn from each other, and collaborate to create value, health, and wellbeing for themselves and those around them.

SHULU’s education program begins by recognizing the individual needs, wants, and goals of each student.

Our CARE programs provides coaching and mentoring support to help students create sustainable success in their lives and the lives of those around them. These include:

Green Corp

Our Faculty, students, and staff represent diversity in many forms—race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and more—ensuring inclusion for all. We also provide pro bono consulting services to NGOs, such as the Red Cross, Handicap International, and Up Foundation.

Planet: Environmental Management

Our main goal in terms of Planet is to limit SHULU’s negative environmental impact while providing higher business education. 

SHULU is decreasing its environmental impact and working on the development of responsible behavior of all its stakeholders. These efforts are organized around four main goals:


Reducing consumption at the source, including paper, water, and energy


and waste


our natural


a sustainable transport policy

Green Planet