Executive MBA:
Bridging the gap to step INTO YOUR FUTURE

Can you imagine an advanced degree program that offers the tools and support to help you step up to your potential, both professionally and personally? Sacred Heart University Luxembourg’s Executive MBA is just such a program, bridging the gap between your current professional experience and the career you really want to have.

Advanced skill-building and caring career development support help you reach higher levels of knowledge and expertise, so that you can make a sustainable impact on the business world and your career trajectory.

Designed for those with a growth mindset and molded around the schedule of working professionals like you, the EMBA program offers a flexible duration and your choice of program electives. Rolling admission allows for greater diversification of the student cohort, and creates a dynamic mix of peers throughout the duration of the program.

Average age: 36
Average work experience: 10 years
Rolling admission
Career advancement support for up to three months post graduation
Completion time: 18 months

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    Our EMBA program combines two essential components:
    Core MBA Curriculum & the Executive Journey

    The Core MBA Curriculum

    The Executive Journey

    Courses requirements
    Candidates must complete:

    MBA Core Curriculum
    4 EMBA milestone sessions
    1 Brown Bag session
    EMBA Final Paper
    Coaching sessions
    Mentorship relationship

    Are you planning to complete the EMBA program as a…

    Brand new student from outside the university?

    You will complete the full package, including the MBA Core Curriculum AND the Executive Journey, described above. 

    Current SHU MBA student transferring to the EMBA program?

    Part-time and full-time MBA students who are transferring into the EMBA program on a rolling basis will complete their MBA Core Curriculum and add the Executive Journey, described above.

    SHULU MBA Alumni?

    Those who have finished the Core MBA program successfully will just need to complete the Executive Journey part, as described above, in order to add "EMBA" to their transcript and experience.

    Discover the EMBA Bridge to Your Future

    This bridge offers a range of experiences that build off your current skills, so you can level up to more advanced skills and competencies. Here’s a peek into some of the specific topics and experiences offered to our EMBA students in 2021:

    Milestone Workshops:

    Psychological Safety and Positive Leadership

    Corporate Governance

    Sustainable Finance

    Leadership and Coaching

    Company Visit:

    Students met with the CEO and Owner of Ramborn Cider to hear about the company’s journey to becoming B-Corp, discuss their future business development goals, and enjoy a private tasting. 

    Meeting the SHULU Board of Regents:

    A special meet-up with the Chair of the Board of Regents, Raymond Schadeck, took the form of a Nature Walk where students reconnected with themselves by tapping into their senses and reconnecting with nature. Read more: https://www.shu.lu/the-shulu-emba-experience-back-to-nature/

    Download our flyer

    Executive MBA Flyer
    Executive MBA Flyer



    Living expenses are additional.

    Financial support

    Partial merit-based scholarships available & Government Aid

    If you are a resident of or working in Luxembourg, you may be eligible for assistance through state financial support.

    Being an American University, students from the U.S. may utilize the FAFSA program.

    Admission requirements


    GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)
    Minimum score of 500
    GMAT waivers are possible and requests are considered on a case-by-case basis


    TOEFL scores or other proof of English proficiency

    TOEFL PBT: Minimum score of 570

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

    Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

    Minimum GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale