Financial Aid & Scholarships

Rules & Guidelines

The scholarship request letter should be submitted along with the filled application.
All scholarships reduce the cost of the MBA education but do not cover the entire tuition.

How to apply

Students are required to submit a scholarship request letter (300-500 words) along with the completed application.
The letter stating the merits/need for scholarship should be addressed to the Head of Campus, Antoine Rech.

Financial Support Package


Students enrolled in the MBA with Internship program will receive payment during their assigned internship.

- Compulsory six months
- Average ten months

- Minimum €1.000
- Average €1.400


Based on your GMAT score you can count on a percentage reduction on the basic rate of your MBA tuition of €39.000, as follows:

550 - 600: By 10%  |  601- 650: By 15%  |  650 & Above: By 20%

Other achievements will also be considered, particularly if GMAT is not available, such as good study results (GPA) and quality of work experience as well as additional qualifications.


€ 400- €500 per month for a room & shared facilities.

The typical market rate in Luxembourg would be about double.

In sum, the financial support for MBA with Internship students is estimated to be €6.800 (17x€400) for housing, €14.000 (10x€1,400) for internship remuneration and €3.900 for scholarship (GMAT 600-650).

Government Aid

If you are a resident of, or working in, Luxembourg, you may be eligible for assistance through state financial support, CEDIES (combination of grant and loan based on financial income).

In Luxembourg, you are allowed to deduct professional development expenses from your taxable income. 
Read more about tax deductibility here.

Students who wish to develop their professional skills through our programs may also benefit from extra days off. More information available here.

As an American University, students from the U.S. may utilize the FAFSA program.