Hakan Lucius, Ph.D., MBA, M.S., Adjunct Professor of Finance and Management

Hakan Lucius, Ph.D., MBA, M.S., Adjunct Professor SHU Luxembourg

Dr. Hakan Lucius is Professor of Finance and Management. He received a Ph.D. with distinctions in industrial economics, an MBA from INSEAD, France, and an M.S. in Engineering from Vienna Technical University, where he graduated as the youngest student of his faculty.  He has taught internationally since 2008 at masters and executive MBA programs in parallel to his professional career at the European Investment Bank, and specializes in sustainability issues in finance and the challenges of intercultural management. He was awarded “Best Lecturer, Dynamic Business Management” at the Welch MBA in 2014. Dr. Lucius is qualified as a Scholarly Academic faculty member at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg; the highest academic qualification as per the AACSB International Criteria and Standards for Business Accreditation.

Dr. Hakan Lucius is Head of Corporate Responsibility and Civil Society at the European Investment Bank, the European Union’s bank, covering sustainability and stakeholder engagement dimensions of the institution. Prior to this, he worked in financing operations within and outside the European Union.  His wide financial experience covers multiple sectors and products, ranging from large-scale infrastructure projects, environmental investments, to corporate and bank funding, both through loan, as well as equity financing.  A key highlight was the financing of the first Bosporus Tunnel project, a 3.7 bn flagship, sustainable transport investment.  In his more than 20 years of international career, including with the United Nations in the Middle East, he gathered extensive experience in intercultural negotiations, in particular with corporations, governments, financial institutions and civil society organizations, as well as in the management of multinational teams. He has published articles in multiple languages and is fluent in English, French, German and Turkish.

He also currently serves as the President of the European Investment Bank’s Pension Board, and is on the eligibility committees of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry’s Environmental fund label and of the ESG fund label, he is member of the European Investment Bank Institute’s Social Committee and of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House.

Degrees and Certifications

  • Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from Vienna Technical University, Austria
  • MBA, Emphasis in Finance from INSEAD, France
  • M.S., Dipl.-Ing. in Industrial Economics from Vienna Technical University, Austria
  • One Planet Leaders Program, IMD Business School
  • ENA, Ecole National d’Administration, Cycle des Hautes Etudes Européennes

Teaching Responsibilities

  • WGB 614 Social & Legal Responsibilities in Business
  • BU 699 Corporate Sustainability
  • BU 699 Intercultural Management

Publications and Presentations

  • “Sustainability Challenges Shaping Competitive Advantages in Technology and Innovation” (2017)
    H. Lucius
    published in Industrial Policy and Sustainable Growth, pp 69-84
    Springer Publications, Singapore
  • “Sustainable Investments” (2013)
    H. Lucius
    Journal of Banking and Financial Research, pp 847-849
    Bankarchiv: Zeitschrift für das Gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen, ÖBA 12/13
  • “Do Banks Manage Reputational Risks” (2014)
    H. Lucius, N. Mukherjee, S. Zambon
    Journal of the International Association of Financial Executives’ Institutes, Issue 27
  • “Sustainability as a Competitive Advantag” (2018)
    published in German: “Wettbewerbsvorteil Nachhaltigkeit”
    H. Lucius
    published in CSR und Geschäftsmodelle, pp 139-152
    Springer Publications, Germany