Summer Voices: Meet our MBA with internship Student Gustavo May: “What’s the value of Education?”

What’s the value of Education?

I never doubted the fact that the higher your education, the higher your capacity to assess any situation in your history. In your personal life, if you have a greater intellect, you will overcome the challenges of life more easily.

So it is in your professional life. If you are more prepared to assail your defiance, you will get better results. The way to do it – indisputably – is through education.

Back in the day, I used to see some distinct phases in life. You are a child and play all the time. Then you’re in school. You graduate. You work…

Suddenly I realized that I would do all of these for the rest of my life. The good part of it? It’s not an obligation, and with the right timing, you can merge all of these and enjoy going through the process.

After becoming a lawyer and deciding to embrace another field, I knew that I needed to prepare myself, and during this preparation, the opportunity to move to Luxembourg came, and it scared me immensely. To let go of a career in a good company, with stability, and a good prospect is not an easy decision. And I knew I had to have the decision-maker on my side.

I’m so glad that in the middle of this journey Sacred Heart University crossed my way. It was not easy to leave my beloved country, cross the sea to a different culture, and be far away from my family for a while. But even being in the middle of this process, and still pursuing my MBA, I already know that I could not have chosen a better University to be on my side and help me to do it.

Thank you Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, thank you Sacred Heart for supporting me to climb this hill with all your staff, for bringing together students from all over the world to live this cultural melting pot, for having professors that are more than just theory, and for gathering together the perfect aspects to make an unbelievable experience that I will carry on through the rest of my life. This chapter of my life made me a better person and persuaded me toward the next one looking for the utopic perfection we all should look forward to.”

Gustavo May, Student 2020

Private Banker Assistant @Banco Bradesco

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