New Student Checklist

We have created a "one-stop-shopping" list for you to have a seamless transition into SHU. To begin this exciting process, you will need your Student ID Number. Once you have this, you can begin with Step 1 below, which is to Activate Your MySHU Account and set-up your SHU Email account.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible to know and apply the University’s academic policies and procedures. They are responsible for meeting deadlines as outlined in the academic calendar or in other sections of this publication. Students are responsible to know and apply graduation requirements. Questions about academic progress should be addressed to the academic department or the Assistant Registrar for Graduation Services.

The Sacred Heart University Student Handbook serves as an agreement between the University and students to honor the standards, policies and procedures set forth in the attached pages. By accepting to attend Sacred Heart University, a student is committed to understanding and abiding by these standards, as well as accepting responsibility for his/her actions. These policies have been established to provide a safe and comfortable community for all Sacred Heart University community members.

Sacred Heart University Student Handbook:

1. Activate Your MySHU Account (Before your 1st Class) +

Set up your MySHU student account and create your Sacred Heart Email Address!
To log into any Sacred Heart systems, you will need a Sacred Heart Account.

To create this account, click the link above or go to and select the “First time user?” link.

If you experience issues creating your account, contact the factory at 203-365-7575.
Video Tutorial: MySHU Account Email Creation:

2. Create Your SHU Email Address +

Once you’ve activated your MySHU student account, you will be provided with your SHU Email. Please write down your username and email address, as you will need to use them for the remaining steps. Typically, your assigned email account is your last name, first initial (ex: Your username is whatever is to the left of the (ex: smithj).

All SHU related correspondence in the future (including emails regarding Orientation) will now be sent to this email account. You are required to check this account frequently.

After signing up for your email, please log into your email to confirm email set-up process. To check your email, please visit the Sacred Heart University website and click on the “mySHU” button that is located in the top right hand corner of the page. Log in using your username and the password you created. After logging into the "mySHU" portal, click on the Office365 icon on the Launch Pad in the upper left hand corner of the page to access your email. The first time you log in to your email, you will be asked to set up the language and the time zone.

3. Log into the MySHU Portal +

Now that you have created your account, let's test it! Navigate back to and enter the credentials you created. The MySHU portal is your single sign on service for all major University applications, and provides you with direct links to important campus information. If you experience issues logging into your account, contact the factory at 203-365-7575.

Video Tutorial: Using the MySHU home portal:

4. Academic Calendar +

SHU Luxembourg operates on a trimester system. The three terms are Fall, Spring and Late Spring & Summer. The calendar for the current Academic Year can be found in the Current Students section of the SHU Luxembourg website ( →Academic Schedule).

Exact course dates and times are available in the Current Students section section of the SHU Luxembourg website ( → Class Dates & Times) and the Luxembourg MBA Blackboard organization (ORG_LXMBA).

♦ Please be sure to double check the precise dates and times at the beginning of the term. All dates are subject to change.

♦ It is the sole responsibility of the student to plan their schedule according to the arrangement of class dates and times published on the SHU website. Missing one class because a student has registered for another class running at the same time IS NOT considered an “excused absence”. The administration schedules courses to best accommodate a majority of students as well as the individual, personal and professional schedules of the instructors.

♦ Please note deadlines for add/drop and withdrawals in the following sections of the Academic Standards, Policies, and Procedures. These deadlines vary for each course, based on the number of course credit hours.

5. Web Advisor +

Web Advisor is a secure site with access for current students and faculty. Through Web Advisor, students can confirm their course registration view their profile information and send corrections to the Registrar’s Office. Students can view their grades and monitor their progress toward their degree goals. Students will also apply for graduation via Web Advisor.

WebAdvisor can be accessed by logging into the MySHU Portal, and selecting the WebAdvisor link in the Quick Links module, or by going directly to Log into the become familiar with the website, and access important information such as your class schedule.


Each student is responsible for checking their schedule on Web Advisor to make sure the information is correct. Any problems should immediately be directed to the Luxembourg Office Manager. Students will be held academically and financially responsible for their registration as indicated on their schedule in Web Advisor.

6. Blackboard +

Blackboard can be accessed by logging into the MySHU Portal, and selecting the Blackboard link in the Quick Links module, or by going directly to Every course has a Blackboard shell associated it. Your professor may post content such as lecture notes and the syllabus to this course shell. If you need assistance navigating Blackboard, contact or call 203-365-4799.

ALL COURSE COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR PROFESSOR WILL BE STRICTLY VIA BLACKBOARD AND YOUR SHU EMAIL ADDRESS. It is your responsibility to check your SHU email address regularly. Especially if you are enrolled in a course.

In the meantime, you will be added to the Blackboard Organization: Luxembourg: Intro to Online Learning. Blackboard is a virtual learning environment that can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. Blackboard offers a course management solution that allows instructors to post information, assignments, assessments, grades and additional content to students. At Sacred Heart University, Blackboard is accessible through the MySHU portal with login credentials, or by going to Blackboard offers students the ability to view courses, class lectures, submit work, receive grades, communicate with the professor and much more. It is important to be comfortable with the blackboard environment, since it is commonly used for classes throughout the university. Intro to Online Learning Course/Organization is an *OPTIONAL* course that has been provided as a place for students who may be new to online learning/Blackboard at SHU to learn about and practice with the Blackboard Course Management system in preparation for your upcoming course(s). Blackboard is the official course delivery platform for courses at Sacred Heart University.

Sacred Heart University uses Blackboard as its electronic delivery and learning platform for online courses. Courses require that students work both independently and interdependently with their instructor and with fellow students. Participants in these courses must maintain their own Internet access and have Microsoft Word or compatible word processing software.
The Course Blackboard (BB) site will provide readings for the course and potential additional readings. The BB site will also contain materials for class activities, details on course assignments, instructor PowerPoint presentations, and links to relevant websites.

7. WebEx +

During your academic career, you may be asked to collaborate with other members of the community for group work and projects. Take advantage of our remote meeting solution, WebEx. Users will have the ability to video conference with others while sharing documents. For more information about WebEx, contact ! or call 203-365-4799.

8. Microsoft Office 365 +

Stay organized. Head to to log into your Microsoft Office 365 account using your Sacred Heart University email and password. Use OneNote to keep track of lecture notes, save papers and assignments to your OneDrive account, and use Sway to create interactive presentations for course assignments. For more information about Microsoft Office 365, contact ! or call 203-365-4799.

9. Visit the Software Site +

Stay up to date with all of the latest software available to you via Once you log in using your Sacred Heart credentials, take a few moments to review the software available, and install any that may assist in your academic journey.

10. Install AntiVirus Software +

Once you have logged into the software site, via, select the "Symantec Endpoint Protection" link for your device, and follow the install process. If you have questions or need assistance downloading the software, contact the factory at 203-365-7575.

11. Log into your OneDrive Account +

Free storage space for all of your notes and papers! Sign in to using your Sacred Heart email ( and password. Once you are logged in, select OneDrive. The documents stored here can be accessed anywhere with a web browser and Internet connection.

12. Opt Out/Manage SHU Email Subscriptions +

This system, called Regroup. The system allows for managing subscriptions (opting out) of certain categories of email, while also ensuring that reliable messaging is available for authorized purposes.

Access the system to manage your SHU Email subscriptions using your SHU username and password at:

All groups marked as 'public' will allow users to opt out of future messages by clicking on 'unsubscribe' displayed in the footer section.

Instructions are attached for you as well, to help with the unsubscribing process.

We are excited about this system and policy as we believe it will make it much easier for the entire SHU community to manage incoming emails.

For reference, our Internal Communication Policy is always available below:

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or need additional information.

If you have any other Regroup questions I would like to kindly suggest that you forward your questions/comments to:

Name: Joseph Gardella
Title: Senior Systems Analyst
Department(s): Information Technology
Office: West Campus West Bldg W3H14
Phone: (203) 365-4453

Unsubscribing from Regroup groups

13. Student ID Card +

SHU provides Student ID cards (Student Identification Cards) for all of our students. This card should be shown to access the SHU library during non-office hours and can also be used around town.

i.e. Kinepolis (Movie Theatre) – Reduced Ticket Fee (€7.85) with valid Student Photo ID

The ID card acts as your SHU Library card and entrance to student events. ID cards are non-transferable and cannot be traded or shared. ID cards are to be kept from year to year, as replacements are not given out annually. SHU does not recommend punching a hole in the ID card for key chains or neck rings. Your Student ID card is the property of SHU.

Obtaining a Student ID card is a very easy procedure. You simply follow these 3 steps:

  1. Make an appointment with the Luxembourg Office Manager(s): and/or
  2. Come to the office and take a picture
  3. We will then print your Student ID card here in the office.
    The entire procedure should take about 10 minutes

If you need more details please call +352 22 76 13 33.

14. First-Time Graduate Registration & Meeting +

First-time graduate registration must be done in person with the SHU Luxembourg Office Manager(s) at the SHU Luxembourg Administrative Offices.


Please contact the SHU Luxembourg Office Manager(s) at and/or to schedule your First-time Graduate Registration Appointment.

Our schedule is relatively flexible and we’d be happy to try and arrange ourselves in order to best suit your personal/professional agenda.

If you have any questions at this time about your course selections, please contact Administrative Director, Antoine Rech, at

Here are a few points we will cover during our first meeting:

  1. First-time Graduate Registration:
    We will go through the First-time Graduate Registration process to register/enroll you for your first courses in the MBA program.
  2. mySHU Student Account and SHU Blackboard Tutorial:
    After your admission to the MBA program, all communication from SHU will be sent to your SHU email address.

    It is VERY important that from now on you acclimate to using your SHU email address. This is the official and only means of communication between students and instructors, and eventually the administration.

    Therefore, we want to ensure that you have full access to your SHU email account, Blackboard, and other University systems. During this first registration process, we will go through the University systems together (a short tutorial) and discuss the registration procedure for all subsequent terms.

    It would be helpful if you were to bring your personal laptop with you.

    In addition, all course communication with your professors will be strictly via Blackboard and your SHU email address. It is the student’s responsibility to check your SHU email address regularly. Especially if you are enrolled in a course.

  3. SHU Student ID Card:
    Obtaining a Student ID card is a very easy procedure. We simply take your photo at the office and we will then print your Student ID card here in the office. The entire Student ID Card procedure should take about 10 minutes

The SHU Luxembourg Administrative Offices are location on the first floor of the main building of the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg where we have free parking facilities, should you come by car. Otherwise, our location is also reachable by bus (Leon Hengen) and tram (La Coque).