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Celil Ishik

PE Certificate: Let’s hear about Certified Student Celil Isnik experience

Celil IshikMoving to Luxembourg, after completing my MBA in the US, I was keen to deepen my knowledge of private equity industry to complement my education but also curious to make myself familiar with this thriving and pulsating cosmopolis. By a chance encounter, I found myself in the classroom of ‘Private Equity and Other Alternative Assets’ from Prof. Hoellermann and Prof. Fischer at Sacred Heart University. This course is a grand fusion of the academic and the practical; enriched with guest lecturers for each class, shedding light on each actor and each stage of the whole investment cycle.

Later, to brush up the fundamentals, I also took the ‘Corporate Finance’ course from Prof. Horvath. My expectation was to discount lots of free cash flow and in the meantime to practice my modeling skills. What I wasn’t expecting was to find myself in the cockpit seat; the classroom was literally run as a corporate finance department, and we were making real-time decisions with absolute freedom to argue in favor or against a certain decision and to stick with it, even to the end of the case study. His patience for students coming up with preposterous arguments is legendary (and hard to imitate); but on a second thought there is no other effective method to teach.

My third course in this journey was ‘Advanced Risk Management’ by Prof. Ertz and Prof. Stamirowski. Dreading the CFA Level II exam in May this year, I thought this course also might come handy as an ersatz preparation. I have to confess I hated my ‘Fixed Income’ course during MBA, and it wasn’t the fault of my teacher, very embodiment of a gentleman Mr. Eric Rosenfeld. And paradoxically I loved the ARM course, although they basically cover the same topics (give or take). For the first time, I have experienced the adage that finance is actually music with numbers. Variance, standard deviation, kurtosis, skewness, duration, convexity, the alpha, the beta, the delta, the vega, the theta and the rho; they were all different notes at different pitches, making up the symphony, if only we could hear it.

After one year of signing up for the Private Equity certificate, I can say that this was one of the best investments I have made. The staff are always kind and helpful, other professors are also dedicated, knowledgeable and distinguished with their academic background and first-hand experience in finance.

To my peers and fellow finance enthusiasts, I can only recommend it, this is the right place to start!

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7 reasons why you should do an MBA

Article written by Pratiksha Misra.

We are happy to welcome our new Admission Manager, Pratiksha Misra, who gives us the 7 best reasons why doing an MBA.

1) You want to have the best job?

An MBA is a glossy label that signals forthcoming managers that you have taken the necessary steps. It discloses to them that you have that ‘much required’ cross-practical information or that you bring an assorted point of view that you created from drawing in with your MBA peers. In certain ventures like Consulting, you need an MBA to move higher up the company pecking order.

2) An MBA can turn a Mechanical Engineer to a Marketing Manager.

Think about this circumstance: you have been in the IT business for as far back as five years, however you understood that your actual calling is promoting. You choose to enlist for end of the week courses or accept up entry level position open doors to pick up some advertising expertise.

Even after this, you see that each employment you are qualified for is just a passage level work. Which likewise implies that you will accept a huge decrease in salary to switch over to promoting from IT. What’s more, nobody needs to do that. What other alternative do you have, at that point?

The truth is out. Simply get an MBA in Marketing!

How would we realize that an MBA will help you move professions? On the off chance that you glance through the situation reports of significant B-schools far and wide, you will locate that numerous understudies switch over to another vocation just after graduating. Their compensation bundles are altogether high too.

It demonstrates that an MBA is an incredible method to switch over into an alternate vocation.

3) MBA provides you with Expertise.

You realize what occurs at a buffet right? Truly, we mean the smorgasbord you get in eateries. Getting an MBA through GMAT at a top B-school resembles having a buffet. You take a tad of everything at the outset. In any case, you just take second helpings of the stuff you like, isn’t that so?
Essentially, when you start your MBA program, you will concentrate a bit of all you require to know to have a profession in administration. However, progressively, you will be permitted to pick and concentrate exactly what you need, similar to the second helpings that you take at a buffet. These will permit you to investigate the subjects you like in more detail after you get an essential comprehension of every one of your alternatives to start with.

4) MBA lets you take control of your career.
What is so unique about doing an MBA?

An MBA gives you the certainty to be someone who matters in your expert life. What’s more, how would you get this certainty?

A presumed B-school program gives you the chance and makes you think toward the path you need to. You may have had numerous objectives prior to joining a MBA. Yet, you may understand your actual calling just once you join the course. What’s more, this is self-awareness.

The whole homeroom experience, connection with employees and friends, understudy exercises, contextual analyses, all these may fundamentally change your viewpoint, both actually and expertly. Numerous MBA understudies find a renewed individual in themselves once they move on from business college.

The incongruity of life is that when you are an understudy, you have no duties. In any case, you did not have the correct viewpoint. When you begin working, progressively, you realize what your identity is, the thing that your latent capacity is, however at this stage, you are so troubled with obligations that you don’t find the opportunity to follow your enthusiasm.

5) You would want to increase your net worth by increasing your network.
It is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

A good B- school gives you an opportunity to expand your network. Your network can help you launch, grow and expand your business ventures. It is a pool of brilliant minds; it is now up to you how you want to pursue your connection forward.

6) You want to move out and build a career.

Choosing a right MBA course can help you understand the market properly. It provides you exposure to the global perspective.
Along with an MBA course, internships provide you with relevant experience. This is your firsthand experience of the kind of work you are looking to do.

7) An MBA helps you stay ahead of your competitors.
If you have questions hovering above your head:
a) How to stand apart from other applicants?
b) How will you get your salary?
c) How will you acquire the right skills necessary for the market?
Then this is your answer: Choose the right MBA for yourself and enhance your personality. Provide an edge to your profile and stand out of the crowd.

Feel free to connect with us.

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Sacred Heart University SHU USA MBA

SHU’s MBA Program Named One of the Best in The Princeton Review

Fairfield’s Hamlet Hub website just reported that Sacred Heart University’s Master of Business Administration has been named among the best by the Princeton Review. Please find below a summary of this article:

Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch College of Business & Technology (WCBT) has yet again earned a place among the nation’s outstanding business schools for a master’s degree in business administration, according to The Princeton Review. The education services company profiles SHU in its recently reported list, “Best Business Schools 2021: On-Campus MBA Programs.”

The Princeton Review compiled its list of the 244 top business schools using institutional and student survey data. The profiles also have five categories of ratings that The Princeton Review tallies based on data from its administrator and/or student surveys. Rating categories encompass academic experience, admissions selectivity, career and professors who are interesting and accessible.

“We are delighted that The Princeton Review continues to recognize the value of our MBA program,” said Martha J. Crawford, dean of the WCBT. “Our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring students receive a meaningful and relevant business education. Our MBA program prepares students to thrive in a business world that is being transformed by digital innovation. Our program is unique for its emphasis on experiential learning and technology literacy. It also helps students develop an international perspective, through digital integration of our Fairfield and Luxembourg campuses.”

The WBCT is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and its faculty are recognized scholars and experienced practitioners in the business world. Under their guidance, students complete required coursework and a capstone project, working with their peers to help local businesses develop a product or service. Students hone their management skills, apply the business concepts they’ve learned and make presentations to business professionals, nonprofit executives and faculty on the new product or service they developed. Students gain first-hand experiences and a glimpse of what business success entails.

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RTL Today Luxembourg

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg featured on RTL Today

RTL Today Luxembourg’s website has just published an article about how it’s “The Prefect Time for an MBA” in these periods of uncertainty.

The page specifies that Sacred Heart University Luxembourg offers a diploma recognized all over the world (the only AACSB accredited school in Luxembourg), with a diverse network of students and graduates.

Find the article by following this link :

Sacred Heart University RTL Today
Sacred Heart University RTL Today
Gunter Fischer

3X3: let’s hear what Gunter Fischer, Professor of Finance has to say!

3 favourite places in Lux?

Konrad Café and Bar: relaxed and almost Bohème feeling right in Luxemburg city – great place for a drink and chat

Lawn in front of Fort Thüngen: best view on the whole city, ideal for a picnic and a short hike afterwards

New Bibliotheque National de Luxembourg on Kirchberg: architecturally from outside not my preferred style but inside: Wow! Wonderful atmosphere and large collection especially of journals and newspapers to spend hours with

3 ideas to navigate in these uncertain times?

We are faced with lots of uncertainty. To master this and address the potential risks we need flexibility. Keep your options open and try to increase your flexibility where possible to master this uncertainty

Build up your inner strength: a good amount of regular sleep, lots of sport and staying connected to family and friends does the trick for me

And overall: keep your positivity and ambition. Things will pan out and when they do, we will be ready to shape the future

3 reasons why education is important?

You keep your mind open: education needs an open mind and it also further opens opens your mind – a virtuous circle

You get to know new people: education works most effectively when you interact with others. This interaction contributes immensely to your emotional balance and feeling of fulfillment

You need to move on/challenge yourself: education and putting yourself in front of challenges allows you to grow. You test your limits and gives you the satisfaction of achievements – a great experience!

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Raymond Schadeck

Paperjam announces Sacred Heart University’s new board

Paperjam, the luxembourgish Business Media, reported that a new board of directors has been appointed at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, with Raymond Schadeck as chairman.

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg is setting up a new board, with Raymond Schadeck as president, the university said in a statement on Thursday.

This change in governance aims to “develop and implement its new strategic directions” from Welch College of Business & Technology (WCBT) at Sacred Heart University. “To cope with the increased complexity, the speed of change and the challenges that companies are facing, WCBT Luxembourg has launched a strategic reflection process to adapt existing higher education programs, but also to develop new ones”.

The new board of directors will now be composed of Charles-Louis Ackermann, Julie Becker, Aïssata Coulibaly, Melanie Delannoy, Martin Dobbins, Shiva Dustdar, Jean Ehret, Jacques Lanners, Katia Scheidecker, Karin Schintgen, Rolf Tarrach and Marc Wagener.

Established in Luxembourg for 30 years and located at the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg, the WCBT of Sacred Heart University is the Luxembourg branch of WCBT’s main campus based in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States.

Since the appointment of Dean Martha J. Crawford, a former Harvard professor, to WCBT Fairfield in August 2019, the Luxembourg campus of WCBT has been given an even greater role in the university’s overall strategy.

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