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MBA Application Deadline Extended

MBA Admissions COVID-19 Response

MBA Application Deadline Extended

At the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology at SHU Luxembourg, we recognize the extraordinary personal and professional challenges that the coronavirus pandemic poses, including your application to business school.

We admire your decision to invest in yourself in this time of uncertainty.

An MBA from the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology at SHU Luxembourg will help future-proof your career as the the global economy rebounds.

We’ve made adjustments to our MBA admissions process to accommodate you, wherever you are in the process.


Connect one-on-one for a personal admissions consultation with an admissions representative via Skype, WebEx, or WhatsApp to talk about your goals, the application, our program, culture and any other questions you may have.


We encourage you to take at-home version of the GMAT and TOEFL.

ATTENTION: The Online GMAT is available starting April 20. The benefit of the GMAT Online exam is that candidates can schedule appointment times around the clock—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—allowing for greater flexibility during an evolving situation.

  • GMAT Update on Coronavirus and its Impact on Testing
    • Program Name: MBA with internship (Luxembourg)
      Program Code: FCG-P4-17
      School Name: Jack Welch College of Business & Technology
      Institution Name: Sacred Heart University
    • Program Name:MBA, Part-Time (Luxembourg)
      Program Code: FCG-P4-93
      School Name: Jack Welch College of Business & Technology
      Institution Name: Sacred Heart University
  • Pearson VUE Updates – GMAC’s testing partner
  • NEEA Updates – National Education Examinations Authority of China

The TOEFL is also now available online:

Sacred Heart University may offer Provisional Acceptance for students who do not meet the minimum English Language requirements.

  • Students may complete Online ESL courses at Sacred Heart University’s English Language Institute or other ESL school prior to starting their academic program.
  • If applicant does not have an English Proficiency Exam Score, complete the ESL Exam Waiver Request


We’re offering GMAT waivers to the Full-Time MBA with internship and Part-Time MBA programs to accommodate the current testing limitations.


For more information about deadline extensions, please contact us at or


Our Graduate Admissions Office can offer you a free personal assessment of eligibility. After which, we will then be able to provide a more precise potential start-date and individual schedule for your potential MBA and/or Business Certificate program.

To begin the process, please send the following documents to Admissions & Administrative Director, Mr. Antoine Rech (

  1. Transcript(s)
    Copy/Scan from all previous colleges and universities attended—i.e., Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree
  2. Diploma(s)
  3. Professional Certificate(s) and/or Professional License(s)
  4. Resume/CV



Stay up to date with the campus-wide responses at the SHU Coronavirus Information page.

We’re committed to helping you at every step of the application process and hopefully welcoming you in the Class of 2020. We look forward to receiving your application for this fall.


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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni Soyeh Kim: “What this MBA has brought to me”

“What this MBA has brought to me”

Like everyone who is thinking about pursuing their graduate studies, I wanted to receive the maximum return on my investment of my time, efforts and tuition for this MBA. By sharing my story I have realized that at least for me, it’s clear that this MBA has been a valuable gift that has really helped me grow and develop in my career path.

So I hope any new MBA students who worry about future jobs after graduating, especially during this difficult economic situation from Covid-19 right now, could find motivation again and be encouraged towards a successful career change through this MBA.

I graduated from Korea University, one of the top 3 universities in Korea, and have been working in Korea for over 10 years. I worked at a pharmaceutical company as an Accounting & Finance manager, and also managed my own company of Math and English academy as a CEO in South Korea.

While living in my country, it is true that I was quite confident in my educational background and work experience before coming to Luxembourg. In December 2014, when my husband was sent to Luxembourg as an Expat, I quit my job and came here. I might say that I was a competent career woman in Korea, but it was very, very different here. I felt that I lacked some academic language skills, business knowledge and working experience in Europe.

When I arrived, my first thought was “Let’s come back to the mindset when I started to work after graduating university and learn step by step from the beginning” starting with my MBA journey.

Already with my first Economic class I strengthened my attitude of “let’s be humble” I decided to concentrate on building on my weakness. It was very shocking to me because I was always one of the best students during my primary and secondary schooling in South Korea. At times I event considered that this completely different way of studying in Korea was too much for me.

During this period, when I doubted my abilities, I received great support and guidance from the SHU Administrative and Academic Directors to persevere. Professors encouraged me to believe that I was capable of this MBA and I was reminded that the result of my first course is not everything and that I can find out the right direction of my professional and academic path through this experience as a whole.

For two years, I had to well prepare for each of my classes, focus 100%, and learn from each professor’s explanation and classmates’ opinions. During the courses and teamwork, I was able to pinpoint my deficiency and my opinions of where I stand. I humbly kept going on and was open to learn everything I could, step by step. That was the best way to get the highest return on the time, effort, and tuition I have invested in this MBA.

At the completion of the program, I, (who had lost confidence and nearly gave up this MBA), actually learned more through trial and error than I imagined possible. In my graduating class of 2018, I was honored to be awarded excellent achievements and received the Dean’s Leadership Award.

Through the MBA, I could combine theoretical knowledge through in-depth learning with the practical skills in Accounting and Finance, which I have learned mechanically through actual work in South Korea. This enabled me to develop better insight to plan and lead the company’s financial strategic direction in the mid-to-long term.

The MBA is not just a part of each subject’s textbook or learning on theory. Experience of sharing different thoughts and experiences regarding various topics with different professors, classmates from different countries and cultures is a much more valuable thing that I would never have had during my 41 years of life before I started my MBA.

Through this time, I was able to learn naturally how to truly understand different cultures and communicate with open-mind and no prejudice by discovering strengths and good things from each of them and learning to respect each other. This valuable experience I learned through the process of establishing relationships with various people from different cultures is really helping me whenever I meet clients from various countries and have business meetings at current workings.

In order to be able to step closer to my professional development plan after 5 years, I will continue a new challenge and learn with a humble attitude. With my new degree, capabilities and experience, I continue to appreciate any opportunity to learn whenever a new responsibility is given.

Soyeh Kim, Alumni 2018
CFO @ MasonBower/ Foundry Europe

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA with internship Student Gustavo May: “What’s the value of Education?”

What’s the value of Education?

I never doubted the fact that the higher your education, the higher your capacity to assess any situation in your history. In your personal life, if you have a greater intellect, you will overcome the challenges of life more easily.

So it is in your professional life. If you are more prepared to assail your defiance, you will get better results. The way to do it – indisputably – is through education.

Back in the day, I used to see some distinct phases in life. You are a child and play all the time. Then you’re in school. You graduate. You work…

Suddenly I realized that I would do all of these for the rest of my life. The good part of it? It’s not an obligation, and with the right timing, you can merge all of these and enjoy going through the process.

After becoming a lawyer and deciding to embrace another field, I knew that I needed to prepare myself, and during this preparation, the opportunity to move to Luxembourg came, and it scared me immensely. To let go of a career in a good company, with stability, and a good prospect is not an easy decision. And I knew I had to have the decision-maker on my side.

I’m so glad that in the middle of this journey Sacred Heart University crossed my way. It was not easy to leave my beloved country, cross the sea to a different culture, and be far away from my family for a while. But even being in the middle of this process, and still pursuing my MBA, I already know that I could not have chosen a better University to be on my side and help me to do it.

Thank you Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, thank you Sacred Heart for supporting me to climb this hill with all your staff, for bringing together students from all over the world to live this cultural melting pot, for having professors that are more than just theory, and for gathering together the perfect aspects to make an unbelievable experience that I will carry on through the rest of my life. This chapter of my life made me a better person and persuaded me toward the next one looking for the utopic perfection we all should look forward to.”

Gustavo May, Student 2020

Private Banker Assistant @Banco Bradesco

Find the interview here

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni Patrick Zangerlé: “Good reasons to pursue an MBA while working full-time”

Good reasons to pursue an MBA while working full-time

In January 2018 I kicked off my MBA journey with a jolt of excitement but also a little apprehension. Attending a classroom course felt different than 10 years ago during my university studies, and it wasn’t only because I had already spent a full day at the office. Many of my fellow students were working professionals, each with their own distinct personality, education, motivation and experience. My professors also had equally diverse backgrounds. This made for a culturally enriching and intellectually stimulating setting. Two years after my first course, I am pleased to now call myself an MBA alumnus from Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg and earned my degree while continuing to work full-time.

In case you currently consider pursuing such a degree yourself, you probably have a good idea what you aim to achieve with it. However, in case you are a working professional, you may still wonder if the commitment to spend uncountable evenings and weekends studying will eventually be worth it. Let me give you three good reasons on why I believe the answer is “yes”.

Expand horizons

Aside from the academic content and leadership takeaways of the MBA, the curriculum allows you to obtain an exclusive sneak-peak into businesses and industries that are outside your day-to-day professional context. Just one example in my case, was the study trip to the United States, which extended my horizon beyond what would otherwise have not been possible. The week-long course not only consisted of sit-in classes, but also of corporate visits, ranging from meeting established investment bankers to interacting with dynamic start-up companies. This invaluable experience helped to translate my classroom studies into what happens in the real world, closing the circle for me in terms of what I learned at SHU.

Remind yourself of your capacities

The second reason to take on the challenge, is to remind yourself of your capacities. Besides spending time and money, the MBA will also be an intellectual investment. (Re)acquiring and perfecting specialized knowledge, such as Accounting or Finance, within intense and challenging timeframes may not be your usual pastime. However, after successful completion of assignments, you will feel proud of your achievements. This goes without saying that you will need (or learn) to have a healthy amount of self-discipline and organizational talent to balance your work/private/study life.

Active learning

Lastly, as a working professional you will also have one significant advantage over non-working students: the opportunity to apply the following day what you learned the night before – and bring back your experience to class. This holds especially true for the Leadership classes where you can better internalize your learnings by applying the concepts in real-life settings.

The decision to pursue an MBA while also working full-time is one that should be well pondered, considering what you are willing to invest and what you want to achieve. For my part, I am proud of this achievement and thankful for the invaluable support my family has given me throughout the journey. Thanks also to my fellow classmates from whom I have learnt as much out of class as in class.

Patrick Zangerlé, Alumni 2019

Manager Insurance & Claims @ Cargolux Airlines International S.A

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Student Adriana Migonney: “From a kind of plateau to a roller coaster adventure”

I am approaching the last semester of my SHU MBA Program and this journey has been definitely one of the best investment decisions I have taken in the last 20 years. When I joined the program my objective was: to get a wider understanding of our society’s business models and therefore continue growing at a personal and professional level. My professional carrier was doing well, actually everything was fine but I was reaching a kind of plateau and felt the need to challenge myself and ‘restart the computer’ in order to explore fields and areas I didn’t know, open new doors. What I’ve got since I started the SHU MBA program one year and a half ago, is much more than that and I remember speaking with an acquaintance that had finished her MBA and she was saying: ‘there is a life before and a life after the MBA…… nothing will be the same after’. My thoughts at that time were that it is a kind of over-exaggerated but the more I was going deeper in the MBA, the more her words were coming back and I quickly start to understand that it was definitely true.

The more you dive-in all the knowledge it is proposed to you, the more your conscience is widening and the way you see people, businesses, events changes forever.

Imagine the world like a big screen with parts that are blurred and that you don’t really get. And that’s fine, you live with it, no harm into that. And then, while diving-in, there are days when you realize this blur zones become crystal-clear giving you a kind of 3D understanding of what’s going on around you at different levels.

We talked a lot during the Business Competencies course with Esther Celosse about Aha-moments and it is exactly that! Named Eureka effect, it is described as moments when: Insight is believed to occur with a break in mental fixation, allowing the solution to appear transparent and obvious. We get so used of doing-what-we-know-to-do-best all the time that our brain forms patterns of functioning that are difficult to break. That’s why innovation is not an easy thing to do!

The SHU MBA is a wonderful adventure: you embark in the roller-coaster highly motivated but also a bit afraid, with high expectations and hidden doubts and you step out transformed because your new-self got updated to the next level.

Adriana Migonney, MBA Student 2020
Director of Sales at ACCOR HOTELS Luxembourg

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Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni Ricardo Carmo: “Stronger together”

“The multicultural environment and capable professors at SHU provided me with a solid academic foundation and competencies to have a noticeable impact in the business world.

Working successfully with students from different countries, backgrounds and cultures, combining ideas and constantly adapting strategies showed me how much we need each other’s to succeed and how to respect each other’s differences.

These skills are essential in the international business world and a unique competitive advantage that SHU offers to all its graduates.”

Ricardo Carmo, Alumni 2018
Asset Manager at UniCredit International Bank

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Summer Voices: Meet our Alumni Konstanze Hoellermann: « an MBA to be successful together »

“I graduated in 2016. I started with this MBA, because I was interested pursuing further studies, without knowing where it might lead me to.

In addition, I did it for fun, to learn, to meet new peoples, and to listen to other experiences. I was interested in the world pulse and where can you experience it better than by pursuing an MBA at an internationally acknowledged university, the Sacret Heart University in Luxembourg.

As Luxembourg is a multi-cultural and international place where almost every nation is represented, you are forced to keep an open mind and stay curious. Often, I blinked at some opinions and noticed, as always, that one can have different views on matters and because of that, have a different outcome.

The most challenging was to learn and to hear the other views, try to understand them, try to explain also a personal opinion (in case of a different views) and then to find a common ground to be successful – TOGETHER. We had to do some individual exercises, but many in groups where sometimes you could influence with whom to work with, and sometimes this was not possible.

When groups were assigned I learned most, and I still value this experience today. It brought me to really understand what matters, how to act, and how to succeed.

I can only recommend to pursue any kind of courses at SHU, be it an MBA or just a certificate. It will improve and enhance your way of thinking.”

Konstanze Hoellermann, Alumni 2016
Manager @Edisseri S.à r.l. & InTabulis S.C.Sp

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