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SHULU Private Equity Event

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg – “The 30-Year Bridge: Executive Education & Private Equity”

Wish you knew more about Private Equity? Here’s your opportunity to…

  • Learn about the evolution of the Private Equity market
  • Listen to panelist’s stories about how Private Equity education changed their careers
  • Discover what the industry will look like in the future


  • Aissata COULIBALY, EY Private Equity Associate Partner, SHULU Board of
    Regents Member
  • Jens HOELLERMANN, SHULU Private Equity, Professor & InTabulis
    Managing Partner
  • Christine IMPENS, SHULU MBA Alumna & Finance Manager Three Hills Capital Partners
  • Erica LECLERCQ, SHULU Full Time MBA Program Manager
  • Stephane PESCH, Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association LPEA, CEO

Live streamed event on April 28th, 2021 from 6 to 7 pm.

Bastien Berg

SHULU MBA alumni Bastien Berg is the new Head of the Luxembourg-City Incubator

On April 1, 2021, Bastien BERG, 36, took up his duties as the new manager of the Luxembourg-City Incubator. Holder of an MBA from Sacred Heart University Luxembourg and a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from the Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) in Switzerland, Bastien joined the House of Startups in 2018 as Community & Operations Manager after five years of experience in the international hotel industry.

“Since his arrival in 2018, Bastien has contributed enormously to the development and success of the House of Startups. He will put his excellent knowledge of the Luxembourg entrepreneurial and startup network and his entrepreneurial experience for the benefit of startups hosted in the Luxembourg-City Incubator that he will support in their development,” says House of Startups CEO Philippe Linster.

Launched in June 2018 by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg-City Incubator is hosted by the House of Startups to offer advice, training and accomodation solutions to innovative start-ups in the sectors of commerce, the environment, logistics, tourism and construction/town planning.

SHU RTL Luxembourg Interview Podcast

RTL Today’s interview with Antoine Rech, SHULU’s Head of Campus

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg opened in 1991. Offering part-time evening classes, and full-time MBAs with internships, the ethos is to serve its students future plans and Luxembourg’s desire to retain talent.

Antoine Rech, Head of Campus of the Luxembourg branch of Sacred Heart University (USA), talks to Lisa Burke about what an MBA means, and how it can transform lives.

People moving here with their partners work, for instance, or international students, can benefit by gaining an internationally recognised degree plus an internship with business based in Luxembourg.

Full time employees can take advantage of the part-time evening courses and utilise directly what they learn in business the next day even.

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg is based within the Chamber of Commerce here in Kirchberg, but is linked directly to the American campus in Fairfield Connecticut.

Use the podcast reader below to listen the interview:

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Dragana Mihic

Women’s History Month – MBA Alumni discussion with Dragana Mihic

In honor of Women’s History Month, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg sat down with 2019 alumna Dragana Mihic to discuss how an MBA impacted her career and gather her advice for tackling challenges.

SHULU: Apart from being one of our Alumna, who are you, what is your background?

My name is Dragana, from Zagreb, Croatia. I studied at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology where I obtained a master’s degree in food process engineering.
As life is always unpredictable, my working life put me on a different career path, working in the telecommunications industry. After arriving in Luxembourg and completing my MBA degree, I continued my career in the same industry.

SHULU: Why did you choose to get your MBA from Sacred Heart University Luxembourg?

After arriving in Luxembourg, I realised how the market has been saturated, and to be able to grow professionally I had to take a further step to get a chance to be recognized.
Sacred Heart University was recommended to me as the best choice for studying in Luxembourg given the good ties the university has with the companies in placing students after finishing the degree.

SHULU: What has life been like since graduating?

I’m satisfied with a job I obtained which gives me a great opportunity for professional growth, even in these difficult times. The knowledge that I obtained during my degree helped me with a current job, but I’m aware that this process of learning is far from over.

SHULU: How has an MBA changed your career trajectory?

The Sacred Heart University MBA program gave me ample networking opportunities and helped me to make connections that allow me to grow professionally and personally. I can say now that the MBA was one of my best decisions.

SHULU: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did change your life?

I would say that one of the biggest challenges in my life was changing the country and starting with the MBA and studies after almost 8 years of pause.

SHULU: What advice would you give women today who are navigating such rapid change?

Live your life, go for bigger challenges. Life is an exciting journey and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

SHULU: Can you please share your favourite quote/ mantra with us?

“And the trouble is if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – Erica Jong

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10 good reasons to do an MBA in Luxembourg

How do I advance my professional career when you’re in a position?

When taking your professional career to the next level, there are a few levers you can pull: an advanced degree, expanded skills, more professional experience, and a larger network, to name a few. But, what if there was a way to do all of these things in one push?

That’s the value of an MBA program, but not all programs are created equal. A program’s reputation, the expertise of their teaching and administrative staff, and the diversity of their student body are all elements that can determine the degree to which an MBA has the power to grow your potential.

There are many good reasons for you to start an MBA program at SHULU. Here are the top ten to consider.

1: Compliment your existing experience, knowledge, and expertise

Many professionals believe that the experience they have gained so far is sufficient to get them where they want to go. But this is often not the case. The business world is constantly changing. The skills of those working in this field must adapt to meet the needs of global businesses. A high-quality MBA program offers a curriculum that evolves with the business world. However, it must also be tailored to the student’s expertise, with a curriculum and course trajectory that builds on existing knowledge.

2: Expand your network through an effective MBA program

The term “network” has a broad meaning and covers many important elements of building a professional career. It concerns not only the people you have worked with, but also your international exposure to people and trends in your field.

3: Expand your skills base

Developing your skills not only helps you find new career opportunities, but also helps you thrive in a multitude of professional landscapes.

4: Learn your ABCs

Management and leadership disciplines use a basic psychological needs theory which says that everyone requires the satisfaction of three basic needs, or the ABCs, which are:

Autonomy: “I’m free to decide, and express my ideas and opinions.”
Belonging: “I like interacting with people, and I have the mutual support of people who care about me.”
Competence: “I’m good at what I do. I feel a sense of accomplishment, and I’m learning interesting things.”
To become a successful manager and leader requires understanding how these ABCs work.

5: Get a personalized learning experience

The goal is to provide each student with the personal attention that allows them to develop in and out of the classroom, both as a professional and as an individual.

6: Add a highly-respected advanced degree to your portfolio

An MBA program is more than an accolade, it’s proof positive of your ability to learn complex concepts, meet deadlines, and execute on your goals. But when you put it on your CV, you want to ensure it comes from a well-respected institution.

7: Meet some fantastic new people!

Beyond the development of a network previously mentioned, it is also and above all a human adventure that allows you to meet different paths and rich in experiences. It also means being confronted with opposing ideas and points of view. It’s especially an opportunity to meet people that will allow you to develop and expand your business vision.

8: Get job experience

Though theory and concepts are an important foundation for increasing an understanding of global business, it’s also a well-known fact that you can’t learn to swim by reading a book.

9: Complete your MBA at your own pace, around your work schedule.

Life happens, whether you’re getting your MBA or not. In addition, a part-time Executive MBA program should allow students to follow a program at their own pace, with an average completion time of 2 years.

10: Be at the centre of it all

Luxembourg, located in the center of Europe, is one of the world’s largest financial centers and is a pioneer in e-commerce, intellectual property, and research and development. SHULU’s programs are delivered at the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg, the heart of the financial sector and the European Institutions.

What institution in Luxembourg can offer me this type of course?

Sacred Heart University offers the only AACSB accredited higher education in Luxembourg. Only 5% of schools in the world meet these high standards, and it is one of them. Their curriculum is designed and delivered by accomplished academics and experienced business practitioners. Their diverse student body brings a mix of professional experience, professionalism and creativity. Considering the various points we have just mentioned, here is what the HUS proposes:

An adapted MBA program

At SHULU, entering students are assessed based on their background and experience, and the program is tailored to scaffold on top of their skill base.

An important network

At SHULU, with their network of 700 + Alumni, you have the opportunity to access of all of this by learning more about your field and expanding your professional network at a well-respected, international institution.

An experimental approach

SHULU’s program applies both an experiential and applied approach, with concepts that are supported by real-world examples. The curriculum is also designed to adapt to today’s business environment.

Manage your ABCs

SHULU’s MBA program is designed to help you master these elements for yourself and ensure your ability to foster them in others in your organization. Their Coaching & Mentoring program, which runs parallel to their Academic program, is especially built to assist in the Competence and Autonomy categories.

More time with your teachers

SHULU has more than 100 students enrolled but are split into groups of around 25 students. They offer an average class size of 22 students, which allows students to get more time with faculty and get to know their peers in a series of small group interactions. they also offer a Coaching & Mentoring program

Recognition by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education

Not only are SHULU’s MBA programs accredited by the premier global accrediting body for business schools, but they are also officially recognized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research. SHULU has educated business leaders at its main campus in Fairfield, Connecticut since 1965 and at its Luxembourg branch since 1991.

The diversity of graduates

In the last 30 years, SHULU has graduated more than 700 business leaders from more than 50 different countries. We boast a diverse student body; a mix of entrepreneurial thinkers, innovative problem-solvers, egalitarian team players and motivated professionals. The student body comes from more than 40 nationalities and international faculty from more than 30 nationalities. SHULU MBA students are selected for what they can contribute to the class and future employers.

A hands-on experience via a single internship

SHULU’s MBA with internship provides real-world experience at prestigious domestic and international companies, including Amazon, Vodafone, SES, and others. The program includes a 6-9 month paid internship and individual career coaching and job placement assistance. Students will have the opportunity to work on company projects and network with executives and entrepreneurs.

A program adapted to working life

SHULU’s program is unique because all classes take place during the weekdays between 6:30 and 9:30 pm, allowing students to continue working while completing their program. In addition, the part-time Executive MBA program allows students to complete the program at their own pace, with an average completion time of 2 years.

Sacred Heart University – A unique place to learn

SHULU benefits from a vibrant environment in a modern facility. The opportunity to develop yourself within this rich learning experience is waiting for you.

Women’s History Month – MBA Alumni discussion with Renata Gil Prates

In honor of Women’s History Month, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg sat down with 2019 alumna Renata Gil Prates to discuss how an MBA impacted her career and gather her advice for tackling challenges.

SHULU: Apart from being one of our Alumna, who are you, what is your background?

My name is Renata, and I’m turning 41 years old. I was born and raised in Brazil, in a female-centric family—we are four sisters and I am number 2. As a good student and a passionate reader, I was led to law school. For more than 15 years, I worked as a litigation lawyer. I was happy in my comfort zone until a trip to Luxembourg sparked in me a need for change.

SHULU: Why did you chose to get your an MBA from Sacred Heart University Luxembourg?

I wanted to change, not just my career, but my entire life. My life wasn’t bad, I just had this feeling—I could hear my internal voice saying it was time to change. I followed my intuition and I took one year as a sabbatical. I came to Luxembourg and I went to London to improve my English. In 2018, I figured out that in Luxembourg, I feel like I am at home. Now that I had a home, I needed a job.

The job market is not very friendly when you are a non-European with no international experience. Education is always the key. Studying in Luxembourg was my best chance to make the change happen. It was not difficult to choose Sacred Heart University—the language, the multicultural environment, the reviews from friends, and, of course, the internship program.

SHULU: What has life been like since graduating?

Since graduation, the pandemic has put us all in a weird situation, but overall my life is very good. I changed my career; I am not working as a lawyer anymore, I am working in compliance in a Brazilian bank. I started from scratch, but my legal background helps me every day. SHU was a very important catalyst for this change in my career.

SHULU: How has an MBA changed your career trajectory?

The MBA was a full package experience for me. I met very good friends and we had and still have great moments together. It was in the program that I started building my network.

SHULU: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did it change your life ?

The biggest challenge I have faced was the decision to leave my comfort zone and come to Luxembourg in my late thirties. I have no regrets at all. And this decision changed my entire life: I live in a new country, I speak a foreign language most of the time, my friends are from everywhere, and I am super happy and open to the next change.

SHULU: What advice would you give women today who are navigating such rapid change?

My advice: question yourself even if you are happy, trust and follow your intuition, invest in yourself, be open and work hard.

SHULU: Can you please share your favorite quote/ mantra with us?

My mantra is good things are coming!

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