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SHU Charity Basketball Game

MBA students of SHU Lux join forces with Special Olympics and organize the First Annual Charity Basketball Game in new course: “Team Management – The Smart Team Manager”.

A team of SHU students and alumni will face off against the top Special Olympics Luxembourg athletes for the first ever Charity Basketball Game organized by SHU students. The match will be held at the Rehazenter in Kirchberg on April 24, 2016. Tip-off is at 2PM and the game is expected to run until 4PM. A don’t-miss Halftime Show includes a special LIVE performance from Thierry Mersch who will be singing the anthem of Special Olympics Luxembourg.

Entrance fee: €5

All proceeds and donations will help finance the Special Olympics Luxembourg team in their participation at the 2016 international basketball tournament!

Tickets Available


The MBA students of “Team Management – The Smart Team Manager” Bénédicte Keith, Charlene Schuessler, Raymond Kalimunda, Marc Ben Fatma, Raquel Franco

SHU Faculty Highlight: Hedda Pahlson-Moller in LEO

SHU’s Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Adjunct Professor of Management, discusses “Business Angels and the Value of Patience”


in the maiden edition of the Luxembourg for Finance new and improved LEO: The Financial Center’s Mag.

Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Business Angel, focused on Social Investing and board member of the European and Luxembourg Business Angel networks, says it is important for Luxembourg’s government to create a supportive tax environment for Business Angels that help businesses to thrive.

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The brand new magazine LEO, The Financial Center’s Mag is out!

2016 US Summer Trip Update

Let SHU know NOW if you’re interested in joining the 2016 US Connections Experience!

This is not a commitment from your side. Help SHU plan our trip to meet the expectations of your US Connections Experience!

16.3.17 US Trip Reminder Feature Image


Information Updates

  • July 17 – July 30, 2016
  • Flights:
    -Interested participants (students/alumni) book and manage air travel arrangements individually. SHU will not make any air travel arrangements.
  • Hotel Accommodation:
    -SHU has arranged a discounted rate with the Sheraton Hotel
    -Participants will book their hotel reservations individually via a link provided by SHU.
    -The deadline for making those reservations will be in June, but the longer you wait, the greater chance you might not get a room at the SHU discounted rate – or at all, if the hotel is fully booked during those two weeks. SHU will be keeping in touch with the hotel to see how occupancy is coming along.
  • Insurance:
    -No extra insurance needed for the trip!
    -In the past Lux students have relied on their own personal insurance.
  • BU 687 Course Syllabus available in June
  • Register NOW by contacting Alexandra Lewis (
More Information


MBA Students to Join Forces with Special Olympics in New Course: Team Management – The Smart Team Manager

There is still time to register!
SHU Luxembourg will launch a new 1-week seminar by partnering with Special Olympics Luxembourg for the first ever SHU Basketball Tourney in Luxembourg.

Special Olympics Luxembourg White

The Smart Team Manager – Achieve more and be a great team

  • Become a more knowledgeable team manager
  • Become a more effective team manager
  • Become a more reflective team manager
  • Have fun and be part of the SHU team that will deliver a contribution to Luxembourg society in the process of the course through the organisation of a charity event where a SHU team will play against the Luxembourg Special Olympics Basketball team
Dates:April 4 – April 16, 20166:30 pm – 9:30 pm
 Sunday, April 24, 2016Final Project
Luxembourg Special Olympics Basketball Tourney

You work with other people every day. Your interpersonal and team management skills determine what the performance of the team will be, how the progress of achieving targets will go, how much fun you have and how much you will learn. How other people feel when part of the same team with you also has a significant impact on the quality of your future relationships. In summary, your team management skills are a key factor for individual and organizational success.

This course is designed for managers who dare to become aware and develop their interpersonal and team management skills and who want to discover ways to challenge themselves and others while further developing their career.

150x150_shu_EstherCelosse_bgProfessor: Esther A.C.E. Celosse,  during her 25-year professional career in the world of global finance, Esther managed teams, set up fresh-field products and markets developments, set up her own business focussing on performance improvement through personal leadership development.


Becoming a Woman Business Angel May be Easier than You Think!

Join the Rising Tide to be part of the first educational co-investment platform in Europe.

The Rising Tide Angel Training Program launched in 2015 in both the United States and Europe.

16.3.8 Rising Tide Program-99 Investors

Europe: 1 million+  euros from up to 99 investors; 6-10 deals over 12-18 months  (view bios of lead angels for Europe program)

The lead investors in each of these programs are nine women with significant angel investing experience  that want to support the next generation of women angel investors. The other investors (up to 90) will be women that are new and emerging angel investors. The nine lead investors will lead the due diligence and decide on the 6-10 investments.


Contact your SHU Alumni Representative: Larissa Best at or Cindy Naegel at

The Rising Tide Program