CHAMP Cargosystems partnering with Sacred Heart University to guide the next generation of visionaries

Capstone Corporate Awards SHU

Welcoming new entries into the world of information, data technologies, and logistics is as important as adopting new technologies. In 2019, CHAMP Cargosystems established a partnership with Sacred Heart University (SHU) Luxembourg. This was in support of CHAMP’s Corporate Social Responsibility objective for education – as part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal on quality education. The Capstone Project that was launched provided an opportunity to five MBA students in the role of dedicated consultants to work in close collaboration with CHAMP. This resulted in a 3-months long project during which the team leveraged the Internet of Thing (IoT) technology to enable future door-to-door tracking services for the air cargo industry.

UN Goal 4: Quality Education

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals cover a wide spectrum of topics, including health, energy, and poverty. Most notably, education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Over the past decade, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrollment rates at all levels. Considering this, CHAMP is glad to support young talents to support education, as well as to establish partnerships with educational institutions for work on shared goals such as Economic Development, Training, and more.

Innovation Projects

The starting focus point of our partnership with SHU was around in-flight horse monitoring. As many of you may have seen – in 2019 we launch a project developed in partnership with Arioneo, which provides the sensor for monitoring vital signs in-flight. The study is run in association with the Animal Transportation Association, who in parallel, runs a year-long scientific study on the impact of the transportation on horses’ health with the University of Bari (Italy). As the future product takes shape, it was a great opportunity to get students involved in a real business plan development supporting education beyond the commercial product.

“Partnering with SHU and getting a group of MBA students to participate in the exploratory phase of the project proved to be an excellent external source of a second opinion to challenge our business assumptions”

Why this project?

This is not only about nurturing talent, and attracting newcomers to the industry – but also, about generating fresh ideas from an innovation standpoint. We look forward to continuing the
partnership with SHU. CHAMP is always open to explore similar partnerships with schools near our headquarters in Luxembourg, as well as our offices in London, Singapore, Manilla, Frankfurt, Zurich, or Atlanta.

The project is ongoing and will conclude in January 2021, at which time the students will present their findings. The students will get the added benefit of real-world analysis of their conclusions, and CHAMP will be able to nurture and further develop the ideas to market. CHAMP looks forward to their presentations and hopes to foster similar educational projects in future.