Professional Planning beyond the walls!

What would you say to a night out with no reception on your mobile phone or no GPS to guide you? Well, SHU students of Professional Planning took it up as a challenge and decided to venture into the dark woods for one night.

As a part of bonding exercise, students along with Prof. Esther Celosse organized a trip to Trier Forrest at Stuckradweg, Germany (Approximately 50KM from Luxembourg City). An hour and a half walking tour which began at the sunset was guided by Trier Forrest Ranger, Kerstin Scmitt. The team had an adventurous experience in the dark with no commercial help and having only the guide and team mates to rely on, and their senses to follow the hiking path through the trails.

Sacred Heart University believes in education beyond the four walls of the classroom; and offering opportunities to learn and understand each other in the most interactive means possible.