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Dear fellow Alumni and Alumni friends,

The world is opening up again with the lifting of Covid19 restrictions. However, the feeling of relief for returning to “normalcy” and the enjoyment of freedom in our everyday lives has been greatly overshadowed by the war in Ukraine. Our ideas of peace and tolerance that are rooted in democratic foundations are shaken. While this war may not take place in our beautiful Luxembourg, it still hits very much close to home. We remain committed to the statement we recently published on LinkedIn: We encourage everyone to keep themselves informed on the situation and on ways to show solidarity with those in need.

In these times, the bonds we create and maintain with each other are more relevant than ever: Connecting the SHULU Community.

Following the Committee’s objectives for the year 2022, we started bringing back in-person events:

• 26 March: SHULU Alumni family moment at the animal park of Escher Deierepark

On Saturday, March 26th, several members from our Alumni community, their families and friends met at the Escher animal farm to enjoy the afternoon together. It was a beautiful sunny day to meet old and new friends. The kids were particularly excited about the variety of animals, such as ducks, racoons, wooly pigs, and exotic birds, that were nearby. Following the walk through the park, Sangria for the Alumni rounded off the afternoon and added a bit of holiday feeling to the activity.

Escher Dëierepark
Escher Dëierepark
Alumni Community Animal Park Group
Alumni Community Animal Park Group
Animal Park Animals
Animal Park Animals

Coming next!

• 19 April: SHULU Alumni visit the Luxembourg Parliament together with Clara Moraru (Alumna of 2003) and Claude Wiseler (Member of Parliament and President of the Christian Social People’s Party).

Clara was featured in our March LinkedIn article. If you have not already done so, we invite you to read this article to learn about the numerous inspirational activities that Clara is engaged in as a serial entrepreneur, active promoter of equality, and womens’ rights ambassador. We are excited to meet with Clara and MP Claude Wiseler as they will take us inside this important EU institution allowing us to dive deeper into Luxembourg’s democratic system.

In the evening after our parliament visit, there will be an opportunity to connect with each other over dinner, together with our hosts Clara Moraru and MP Claude Wiseler. Check your email inbox for the upcoming invitation to this event, which will include more information and the registration link.

Keep an eye open for future events on our LinkedIn page:

Do you have an idea that would be fun to organize? Let us know! We value everyone’s ideas to offer a diverse portfolio of Alumni activities. Please contact us at

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Christine, Claudia, Mike, Sahil & Sime