Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni, Annika Grosser: “My SHU Journey helped me grow into a better version of myself”

Doing my MBA at SHU really was a transitional experience for me. It taught me so much about myself, about people in general and of course the subjects treated in and outside of class. Being in a culturally diverse and rich classroom with people from a lot of different professional and cultural backgrounds allowed discussions and exchanges that exceeded my expectations by far. The viewpoints were at times so conflicting but the discussions were constructive and ideas formed and evolved quickly. It was inspiring listening to lecturers experiences and hearing about peers achievements, while being intellectually stimulating at the same time.

When I started my journey, I was working in the healthcare sector and felt like I had no career opportunities; by now I am working as a head of HR in a mid-size company, a job, I could not even aspire to before my SHU journey. There are so many options these days and I get to partake in great and meaningful projects. I am very thankful for having all these options now and can only recommend taking the next step on your career path and see where you end up.

Throughout the course, I felt that there was an excellent support system. At times, when I needed advice, the staff was always available for guidance and extremely helpful. Even now, over a year later, I can still strongly rely on the SHU community. There is a great Alumni Support Network, that spreads in so many different sectors. This is another a great takeaway that you should never underestimate.

Doing an MBA at SHU is a process that helped me grow into a better version of myself.

Annika Grosser, Alumni 2018
Human Ressources & Talent Manager @ MINUSINES S.A

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