Summer Voices: Meet our Alumni Konstanze Hoellermann: « an MBA to be successful together »

“I graduated in 2016. I started with this MBA, because I was interested pursuing further studies, without knowing where it might lead me to.

In addition, I did it for fun, to learn, to meet new peoples, and to listen to other experiences. I was interested in the world pulse and where can you experience it better than by pursuing an MBA at an internationally acknowledged university, the Sacret Heart University in Luxembourg.

As Luxembourg is a multi-cultural and international place where almost every nation is represented, you are forced to keep an open mind and stay curious. Often, I blinked at some opinions and noticed, as always, that one can have different views on matters and because of that, have a different outcome.

The most challenging was to learn and to hear the other views, try to understand them, try to explain also a personal opinion (in case of a different views) and then to find a common ground to be successful – TOGETHER. We had to do some individual exercises, but many in groups where sometimes you could influence with whom to work with, and sometimes this was not possible.

When groups were assigned I learned most, and I still value this experience today. It brought me to really understand what matters, how to act, and how to succeed.

I can only recommend to pursue any kind of courses at SHU, be it an MBA or just a certificate. It will improve and enhance your way of thinking.”

Konstanze Hoellermann, Alumni 2016
Manager @Edisseri S.à r.l. & InTabulis S.C.Sp

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