Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Alumni Saranya Valsarajan : “No expectation but…”

“Sacred Heart University paved me a way into the Luxembourg market that I couldn’t have imagined paving otherwise.

I joined the MBA with Internship course with an expectation nothing more than to get into a salaried profession in Luxembourg. Which I can safely say I ended up having solely because of the SHU connection.

But during the course of time I realised that there is so much potential to explore more within this “tiny” yet vast community which is rich in culture. With every class being more practical rather than theoretical, there are great opportunities to identify and explore your capabilities. There is a “huge room” to make mistakes which maybe one cannot afford in the real world. But here there are no limitations. The professors encourage you to make one and learn from them.

The diversity and cultural impact the students and the teachers bring in, is something beyond imagination. With a class of 50 students of which more than 40 of them belonging to different cultural and geographic background, I could say that SHU is a cultural amalgamation that provides limitless knowledge and power to everyone including the professors.”

Saranya Valsarajan, Alumni 2018
Project Manager @Foundry Luxembourg

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