Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Student Adriana Migonney: “From a kind of plateau to a roller coaster adventure”

I am approaching the last semester of my SHU MBA Program and this journey has been definitely one of the best investment decisions I have taken in the last 20 years. When I joined the program my objective was: to get a wider understanding of our society’s business models and therefore continue growing at a personal and professional level. My professional carrier was doing well, actually everything was fine but I was reaching a kind of plateau and felt the need to challenge myself and ‘restart the computer’ in order to explore fields and areas I didn’t know, open new doors. What I’ve got since I started the SHU MBA program one year and a half ago, is much more than that and I remember speaking with an acquaintance that had finished her MBA and she was saying: ‘there is a life before and a life after the MBA…… nothing will be the same after’. My thoughts at that time were that it is a kind of over-exaggerated but the more I was going deeper in the MBA, the more her words were coming back and I quickly start to understand that it was definitely true.

The more you dive-in all the knowledge it is proposed to you, the more your conscience is widening and the way you see people, businesses, events changes forever.

Imagine the world like a big screen with parts that are blurred and that you don’t really get. And that’s fine, you live with it, no harm into that. And then, while diving-in, there are days when you realize this blur zones become crystal-clear giving you a kind of 3D understanding of what’s going on around you at different levels.

We talked a lot during the Business Competencies course with Esther Celosse about Aha-moments and it is exactly that! Named Eureka effect, it is described as moments when: Insight is believed to occur with a break in mental fixation, allowing the solution to appear transparent and obvious. We get so used of doing-what-we-know-to-do-best all the time that our brain forms patterns of functioning that are difficult to break. That’s why innovation is not an easy thing to do!

The SHU MBA is a wonderful adventure: you embark in the roller-coaster highly motivated but also a bit afraid, with high expectations and hidden doubts and you step out transformed because your new-self got updated to the next level.

Adriana Migonney, MBA Student 2020
Director of Sales at ACCOR HOTELS Luxembourg

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