Summer Voices: Meet our MBA Student Ashish Bansal: “An internship into a full-time job halfway through my MBA”

Having worked with an Investment bank, starting a partnership firm and managing a contracts business back in India, I felt the need to go back to classroom learning to enhance my skills and build a global network. To gain exposure at an international level, I decided to do my MBA from another country (preferably one in Europe). That is when I came across the SHU MBA with Internship program in Luxembourg.

The MBA provided me a base to further build up on my undergraduate degree and 6 years of work experience. For me, the best part about the MBA was the fact that I was able to apply my classroom learnings directly onto my internship the next day. Thanks to continued guidance from my professors and the SHU staff, I was able to convert my internship into a full-time job halfway through my MBA.

Networking with individuals from various backgrounds, team building activities, working together on case studies, classroom discussions and offline project discussions further helped me gain new business insights and boosted my self-confidence. With the support of best in class professors and an amazingly learned and diverse cohort, I was able to gain immensely from this program.

Ashish Bansal, Alumni 2018
Senior Analyst @Citco

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