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MBA with internship Orientation Day held!

“Cover letter is not the summary of your CV”, said Ildiko Mulley, the Recruitment Lead-Luxembourg, Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl, on the Orientation Day of the MBA with internship students of 2016-2017 cohort.

The event, which was held at the Chamber of Commerce building, began with an introduction to the program by Anemone Thomas, the International MBA Manager of Sacred Heart University (SHU), Giving an overview of the entire course, she spoke on how the University assists the students in finding the right internship.

Followed by the introduction, Antoine Rech, the Administrative Director, SHU, informed about SHU’s digital support such as the SHU online library.

The center stage was then taken over by the Adjunct Professor, Esther Celosse and Ildiko Mulley. They lead an intense interactive session with the students and explained how to write a CV and a Cover Letter and what are the mistakes that need to be avoided.

“Read through your CV with a critical eye and analyse it like a third person. Avoid typographical errors because such minor mistakes are quickly noticed by the recruiters and can lead your CV to land on the rejection pile ”, shared Ildiko Mulley.

The session ended with an informal lunch where the students and the speakers had a chance to continue their discussion in a more informal way.