Tips for Success in Online Courses

We recognize some students have questions regarding the move to online courses. Many of your faculty have begun communicating with you, while others are currently redesigning their coursework, and will update you as soon as they have information to share with you.

In the meantime, here are some tips to follow.

Tips for Success in Online Courses

  • As this transition begins, it will be most important to check emails and blackboard often for updates. Your professors will communicate and share information as they restructure their content.
  • BE PROACTIVE: We request all students take a proactive approach and setup a WebEx account ASAP: please contact
  • BE PROACTIVE: We request all students take a proactive approach and setup a SKYPE account ASAP: through your Microsoft Office 365 account using your Sacred Heart University email.
  • Dedicate time in your schedule each day to work on coursework. Use the same time as you would normally be in a classroom to work on assignments for that class.
  • Find out if your class is still “meeting.” Some faculty may still be holding class at the same time using WebEx, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, etc.
    • This may require downloading software and familiarizing yourself with the platform your professor is using.
  • Remember to continue communications with your professors!
    • Be sure to include your course and section number in the subject line of emails.
    • Ask if professors are holding WebEx sessions where students can log in and ask questions in real time.
  • Make sure you’re aware of any changes to assignments.
    • Some professors may ask for work to be submitted in a new format, such as email, Blackboard, or other online portal.
    • Update changes to any deadlines or exam dates in your planner/calendar.

The Office of Instructional Technology provides administration and support of various enterprise applications including Blackboard, WebEx and Microsoft Office365. Support resources available with step-by-step tutorial guides for various features of Blackboard, WebEx and the applications within Office365.

Training can be set up via WebEx, allowing you to attend from the location of your choice, as long as you have an internet connection!

For more information about the tools supported, tutorial guides, or how to sign up for training, please visit Instructional Technology.

We request all students take a proactive approach and setup a WebEx account ASAP: please contact

For additional technical support, contact The Factory Call Center & Help Desk on our main campus in Fairfield:–departments-directory/information-technology/mobile-computing–technical-support/

Please contact the IT support team, and copy the Luxembourg Office Managers ( & in the email communication:

Tel: (+1/001) 203-365-7575
Tel: (+1/001) 866-365-7575

The IT Self Service Portal is now available so that help desk tickets can be logged at any time. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the portal and to resolve simple issues can be found in the IT Wiki.