Tuition & Fees

Tuition - Payment Details

Part-Time MBA


Payable in four equal installments of €7.250 with the 1st installment prior to the first course. Subsequent installments due, prior to the start of each session. Foundation courses and textbook expenses are not included.

Full-Time MBA
with Internship


Payable in two installments. Foundation courses and living costs are not included. Textbook expenses are included.

Graduate Professional Certificates

from €4.900 to €9.500

Payable in two installments with the 1st installment of 50% prior to the first course, and the 2nd installment due six months later. Foundation courses and textbook expenses are not included.

Open Enrollment Courses


Payable prior to the start of the Open Enrollment Course.

Application and Admission Fees - Payment Details

Application Submission Fee


The Application Fee should be paid upon submission
of your application for graduate study.

Admission Fee


Not applicable to students admitted
to the MBA with Internship program.

Foundation Course Fees

Any necessary foundation courses are charged in addition to the amounts listed above i.e., €2.390 for each of the foundation courses WGB 518, WGB 519 or WGB 521.

Changes to Tuition & Fees

Sacred Heart University reserves the right to change tuition and fees; all values are subject to change. If necessary, individual payment plans can be organized during the admission process.

Admission Suite

Late Payment of Fees

Sacred Heart University reserves the right to apply late penalty fees when the agreed installment plan is not respected.


Sacred Heart University offers the possibility to enrolled students and Alumni to be rewarded for their referrals. This policy is not applicable for enrolled MBA with Internship students.

Refund Policies


Application and Admission Fees are not refundable.

Admission Fee

Once the student is admitted to the university, the student will be offered an installment payment schedule. When the student contacts the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Office Manager to officially withdraw from the course, then the paid installment(s) will not be refunded but remaining installments will be cancelled.